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  1. Rear Bumper Integrated LED Reverse Lights

    Yes please - not a fan of no light when backing!
  2. Relentless rattle I thot I had fixed- FINALLY GONE!

    do you have a picture of where you're talking about? I have something similar in that area.
  3. California Steer Smarts Yeti Track Bar

    Sent PM and can pickup if you're open I can grab it tomorrow.
  4. Mopar Lift Kit Part # Breakdown

    I assume shocks wear out is there a way to order replacements down the line?

    Nothing to see here - literally :). Can you try again please?
  6. OEM Sterling Stabilizer damage

    Thanks for this relocation info. I've got a Fox 2.0 waiting at home till AFTER i get my recall done and then I'll relocate and install the fox putting the "AE" on the shelf.
  7. Something is wrong...

    From the pic of the rear it looks like your not running the bumpstop that came with the kit. That will cause you to possibly bottom out the shock still. Please verify you have bumpstops that are extended. Should look like this. and placed over the factory "pad" on the axle. The "round"...
  8. Stiff steering above 60mph in cold weather---TSB did not fix

    There is a software fix that did it for me. I'm guessing they did that by now.
  9. Mopar LCA swap

    Yes. Just do one at a time. I pulled my tires just to get easier access but I have nice jack and stands.
  10. JL (2DR) Fox Steering Stablizer (SOLD)

    Interested I'll send pm shortly
  11. California Sold Falcon 3.3 for 2-4.5 lift JLU $1,000 prefer local pickup

    Price drop... Willing to ship and will split the costs if in the lower 48.
  12. California New Condition Rubicon Shocks and bumpstops

    Gotcha they know best. I have some stock arms if you can't locate any. I'm in north San Diego County.
  13. California New Condition Rubicon Shocks and bumpstops

    You might want to wait for the drop brackets before swapping out. Just a thought but closer to 6 degrees seems to be the magic spot and you might be close to that before going back to the stock. From my understanding their 1/4" difference between the two.
  14. California Sold Falcon 3.3 for 2-4.5 lift JLU $1,000 prefer local pickup

    Falcon 3.3 for 2-4.5 " lift Part number 11-01-33-400-200 Great shock w/ maximum travel Had them on Jeep for 5 months (3k miles) Prefer local pickup - San Diego (north county) Slight scratches (cosmetic only) from where I aligned them putting them on - picture attached.
  15. Tazer (Programmer) for the JL

    Me too on the winch mode I reported not working. It was set to -1 (does that mean the engine runs 1 rpm backwards haha). It works perfectly - thanks Joe for the info. Really like the sway disconnect and maybe some are not getting to a stop to make it disengage?
  16. Harbor Freight roof rack

    Looks like it attaches to roof rails not drip rails.
  17. iPhone 11 and Uconnect Bluetooth?

    Same with my wife's 11. Usb and car play are good however so I don't know that it needs bluetooth?
  18. Tazer (Programmer) for the JL

    Me too with latest release - I have a mini.