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  1. 2021 3.0 Diesel on a Dyno @ 396 Wheel & 495 FT-LB CRANK TQ - Video attached

    Dynos can vary so much in their reporting its almost impossible to use them as a reference for actual horsepower ask anyone with a dyno and they will explain that dynos are good for using as a reference with installing mods and tuning and measuring gain. You could have two dynos of the same...
  2. Eco Diesel and Tunes

    HP Tuners apparently has been updated for a 2020 Ecodeisel Jeep Wrangler. My shop here is interested in working on a delete using their tuning software but I don't have the time to mess around right now. HP tuners needs the ECU to unlock it first, then it can be tuned by their software and a tuner.
  3. TrailRecon spotted last Saturday outside of Silverton, CO

    We just got back. Itll be uploaded first week of Oct.
  4. TrailRecon spotted last Saturday outside of Silverton, CO

    Thanks for watching our channels! I really appreciate all the support i've had from all the awesome viewers and I know Shaun does too. We are trying to make some more videos together over the next few months.. Actually we are going away for 9 days next week and then 4 again in oct on some...
  5. TrailRecon spotted last Saturday outside of Silverton, CO

    We are just up here doing our thing haha.
  6. TrailRecon spotted last Saturday outside of Silverton, CO

    Thanks for watching! We have some bangers coming up on our channels. Couple huge trips planned. There are a few build videos coming up that ive scheduled while im traveling for the next couple weeks but then its roadtrip and offroad vlogs which are my favorite. This year has been a challenge...
  7. New JL Steering Issue TSB 08-074-20 (for "Improved Steering Feel")

    I stopped by a dealership this morning, they took one look at my JL and said they would have to escalate to the regional manager to determine if they could order the part for the TSB under warranty. So I guess we will see....
  8. Post Your 3.0 Pics

    Next few vids will be back in the garage but then I have 3 epic road trips planned on sept to oct.... One of them may be a little but different then normal.
  9. Post Your 3.0 Pics

    I stretched the legs on my Ecodiesel on a recent road trip to the Kootenay mountains in British Columbia.
  10. Tracking Jeep JLUR Diesel Issues

    Thought I would post this here. I had an issue with my JLURD when pushing is really hard up an 8% grade at 120km/h (75mph)
  11. 3.0 MODS - Show em off

    Small little mod (but took many hours of tinkering around) but I really like it and super handy.
  12. 3.0 MODS - Show em off

    Whelp there goes another $1000+ lol!!
  13. 3.0 MODS - Show em off

    I have a redneck ram on my JK. Any thing different with the install? Port steering box and add a ram?
  14. 3.0 MODS - Show em off

    That color sure looks good. Can't wait for you guys to show off what was next ;)
  15. Jounce tubes longer

    We were pulling things apart for the new suspension and came across another variance with the diesel. It seems that the jounce tubes are longer then gas models. I suspect to limit up travel rather then adding more bump stop shims perhaps. It seemed that the factory upper control arms might of...
  16. 3.0 MODS - Show em off

    Just a few update shots. No lift.. yet (going in this week). Warn Elite rear bumper and tire carrier. Factory steel bumper on the front with Warn winch cradle and Xeon 12-S and Factor 55 Ultrahook. Teraflex Nomad wheels and Nitto Trail Grappler 37x12.5 tires.
  17. 2020 JL EcoDiesel Dyno Run

    What I found more interesting is the variance in deliver torque lower down in the rpm when then engine was loaded heavily. I'll be using this dyno for any modifications I do so that I can compare equally. The numbers really are irrelevant because of dynos producing varying numbers. My vette...