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  1. Driver Side Seat 2 Door

    I think I have the same behavior you do. 2dr on the drivers side if I fold the seat forward using the tip handle it doesn’t go back into the original position (for me, all the way on the back of the track). Because it is all the way back it is easy for me to pull the lever under the seat and...
  2. Colorado 2019 2 door Rubicon rock rails $100

    Checking in again to see if you are willing to ship them? I know it's a bit of a pain but I can't find any locally.
  3. Colorado 2019 2 door Rubicon rock rails $100

    Will you ship to CA? Can't find any takeoffs here. Do you have the mounting hardware? If yes on both, I'm interested.
  4. Specs for door limiting bolt

    I seem to have misplaced one of the door limiting bolts. Does anyone know the spec for that bolt? I’m not with my Jeep right now and want to buy a replacement.
  5. how can I flip the rearview mirror?

    I have a 2018 2 door sport s with the base rearview mirror (no dimmer). I can confirm I was able to flip the mirror without removing it from the ball joint or without having to disconnect the stem. I had to be careful as I flipped it as it rubbed the housing above, but it went around. So much...
  6. Goodyear Wrangler AT vs BF KO2

    Would “loads better” warrant $1200 for KO2 takeoffs. Mainly worried about a couple of steep grades I need to navigate on the way to ski.
  7. Goodyear Wrangler AT vs BF KO2

    I hear you on the go slow. Because the 2 door is so light I’m really just worried about getting up and over a fairly steep grade, highway 267, without the backend sliding out.
  8. Goodyear Wrangler AT vs BF KO2

    I own a 2 door Sport S have the upgrade that includes the All Terrain (vs All Season) Goodyear Wrangler tires. I've been thinking about upgrading to Rubi take off wheels and BFGoodrich KO2 tires. This weekend I'm taking the Jeep up to the Sierra's and there is supposed to be a pretty good...
  9. Observations regarding the brakes

    I’m in stock wheels and tires. Looking to upgrade to Rubi take offs in the future. Sounds like from all of the replies - thank you all - I should have the dealer check them. I just don’t want the lazy, “their fine” dealer response.
  10. Observations regarding the brakes

    I have a 2dr JL Sport S, 3500 miles, and have noticed a couple of things regarding the brakes: 1. They seem a bit...mushy. I'm not sure how else to describe it. I know it's not a high-performance car but going down hills, I live in San Francisco, I would say the stopping power leaves a lot...
  11. Hard top noises - not wind noise

    Do you mean the rubber seals on the freedom panels and the one on the back window? Were there any others I’m missing? I will try this weekend.
  12. Hard top noises - not wind noise

    I had that issue too and fixed that separately. The noise I'm describing is separate, and not as noticeable, as the noise coming from those plastic covers.
  13. Hard top noises - not wind noise

    Thanks. I figured it was a Jeep thing and expected it to be that way. I wanted to see if everyone lives with it or there were some fixes. As you suggest it does seem to be worse with the colder temps.
  14. Hard top noises - not wind noise

    I have a 2018 2 door Sport S with a hard top. I have developed what I can only describe as creaking or cracking noises from the hard top and freedom panels while I’m driving. They aren’t particularly loud - for instance I can’t really hear them with the radio on. I would also say I’m pretty...
  15. Fuel Economy screen question

    Thanks for the replies. Was not expecting that answer. I did notice that one had the real-time measurement while the other didn't but just assumed there were other differences too. Seems a bit over-engineered to have two of the exact same views with just the one simple difference. I would...
  16. Fuel Economy screen question

    A bit of a random question...on the screen between the tachometer and speedometer, you can cycle through various views and one of them in labeled Fuel Economy. When on that view you can move right or left to see two different views of fuel economy. I assumed one was for the current trip and...
  17. Best Ski rack to put on wrangler?

    I was wondering if anyone had tried to install racks on a 2 door JL as Blammmo asked? I assume the front crossbar would have to attach to the Freedom Panels.