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  1. Garage height and lifted Jeeps

    Bump for this thread. I have a JLU Rubicon that I'm about to add a 3.5" Rancho Crawler and 1/2" Teraflex spacers with Nitto Trail Grappler 37's to At stock height, I have 6.5" inches of clearance. What do y'all think? Will it fit? I decided to add the spacers to compensate for additional...
  2. Great buying experience at Demontrond near Houston

    Will do. They need some new memories in the new Jeep. The older one cried when I sold my old JK.
  3. Great buying experience at Demontrond near Houston

    I just picked up my new JLU Rubicon last weekend and wanted to let the forum know that if you're in or near the Houston area, Neil Carpenter at Demontrond Jeep Conroe is the man. He quoted me a price over email right off the bat. After shopping around he was the lowest price by about $2,000...
  4. Rock Hard Patriot Tire Carrier Bumper Reviews

    Bump for reviews and/or pics on your Jeep. I'm thinking about going with this rear bumper carrier and b/c of the functionality, but want to see if the powdercoat dulls a little over time. I'm hoping some of the shine gets knocked down after it's been on a Jeep for a little while.
  5. PREVIEW: JL Patriot Series Rear Bumper With Tire Carrier

    Bump for this thread - anyone else have pictures of this rear bumper on their Jeeps to show?
  6. Thoughts on running these bumpers - aesthetically (ARB Bondi Deluxe front & Rock Hard 4x4 Patriot Series Rear)

    The difference in finish is something that bothers me. I'm okay with the textures being different and maybe even the Rock Hard powder coating to have a little more shine to it (hopefully that dulls a little with time), but I wouldn't like if one was noticeably darker black than the other.
  7. Thoughts on running these bumpers - aesthetically (ARB Bondi Deluxe front & Rock Hard 4x4 Patriot Series Rear)

    I'm thinking about going with the ARB Bondi Deluxe front and Rock Hard 4x4 rear on a new JLUR and wanted to get y'all's thoughts on whether they would look okay on the same Jeep or if they're just too different to from one another to be on the same Jeep. Thoughts?
  8. Is there a no drill roof rack?

    I've seen some stuff around here about Exposed Racks ( There's another thread in this section about them. I'm trying to follow along with these b/c there don't seem to be a lot of people out there with them yet, but they seem like an ideal system for someone like me...
  9. Exposedracks - internal roof rack for soft top

    I'm following too. From looking at their website, it seems like you can use the same bars that fit under the soft top if you ever switch to a hard top, you just need the rain gutter clamps. Specs on weight limits look really good for a no-drill and non-caged rack system.
  10. Has anyone tried Exposed Racks?

    Bump. I'm interested too. I like the idea of a relatively high load capacity, yet no-drill and easily removable.
  11. What's the difference between 3.5" & 4.5" Rancho Crawler lifts?

    Maybe the better question is why is the 4.5" (RS66125B) lift only for the non-Rubicon models and the 3.5" (RS66123B) for the Rubicon model? Why can't/shouldn't you put the 4.5" version on the Rubicon? quadratec link...