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  1. Ball joint stress, or is this normal?

    While I have not see drag links with this much slop before (this loose), as long as the angle of the 2 ends match, I would guess you will be OK. Can you have someone turn the steering wheel lock to lock, while you feel the joint at the pitman arm to see if it is moving at all? (check to see if...
  2. Hothead soft top headliner: anyone have a review?

    was wondering the same thing myself. I have the dual top, and love my Hothead headliners on it. was considering doing the soft top headliner for the 7 months I am soft top. My big question is how easy it is to install / remove, and if could be rolled back when using the sunrider position.
  3. Ball joint stress, or is this normal?

    hard to tell from the picture, but what is the angle on the knuckle side?
  4. Teraflex 09-02-22-110-000 Falcon Nexus EF 2.2 versus Fox® Racing Shox 985-02-127 Performance Series 2.0

    I went through the exact same comparison. Went with the nexus as i liked the simple adjustment of soft, medium firm. No worrying about counting clicks, and 1 glance and you can see where it is. i use medium 90% of the time. Firm for all day road trips. Soft for offroad.
  5. Clunk when shifting after lift kit install (help)

    1 other suggestion, you will get it to settle a lot faster if you use a much softer setting on the shocks for a week or 2. I also normally have my rear set 1 or 2 lower than the front, unless I have the rear loaded with a bunch of weight. definitely let us know how you like it after driving it...
  6. Clunk when shifting after lift kit install (help)

    great to hear. As I mentioned it is the most common reason. (you just bumped it up to 98%:-)) Also be aware, it is the most common reason why everything will feel great (be silent) for a little while, and then you can start to change the feel of the ride / handling (or start to hear sounds)...
  7. Clunk when shifting after lift kit install (help)

    First solution is to check every bolt, as a bolt that is not torqued properly is the number 1 cause for a sound like that after a lift. (Upper shock mounts bolts are a pretty common one i have seen people miss doing final torque.) but also provide more info around what waas done & how it was...
  8. Fox ATS Steering stabilizer relocation.

    I hear you. That is why I was really happy with the Teraflex Tie rod, as it comes with a relocation kit compatible with the Falcon nexus 2.2 that is a through shaft just like the ATS. I REALLY did not like all of the money spent on the stabilizer hanging down:-)
  9. Fox ATS Steering stabilizer relocation.

    Be aware, part number 983-02-148 is for the factory mounting location. I am a big fan of relocating the damper, ESPECIALLY if you are spending the money for an expensive upgrade. I actually went back and forth between the Fox ATS & the falcon Nexus for about 3 months before I pulled the...
  10. Seeking General Info on Control Arms

    Regarding your original question, based upon just the info you have provided, I would suggest the front lower control arms as your next mod. I completely agree with what "WhiteJLUS" said regarding properly centering your axles, and not doing the drag link, unless you have an issue. I would...
  11. Fox ATS Steering stabilizer relocation.

    I have the Falcon Nexux 2.2 steering stabilizer, but I did use the Synergy stabilizer relocation until I switched to the Teraflex Tie rod that comes with a Teraflex steering stabilizer Relocation kit. I cannot speak to the price of the Fox & relo kit from summit, but I do not believe the...
  12. educate me on bump stops

    Taller bump stops are to keep the tires out of the fenders when flexing. depending upon the lift manufacturer, some will include 2 different height sets for sport vs rubicon because of the difference in fender heights. some manufacturers include 2 different sets for a specific trim (i.e...
  13. BUMP Steer

    Rancho 2.5 / 3.5” lift. (2.5 on Rubi / 3.5 on sahara) axle is centered using the frame rail to tire for measurements.
  14. BUMP Steer

    I am right with you. We must be measuring different locations. Angle isn't the best due to the front bumper ski hanging down so far, but check out the attached picture. my Drag link & track bar are almost perfectly aligned.
  15. BUMP Steer

    yours is about perfect then since they are perfectly parallel.
  16. BUMP Steer

    yeah, Teraflex offers 2 different front brackets based upon the height of your lift.
  17. BUMP Steer

    will try to see if I can get a picture later. I can tell you measurements though. Ground to center of the track bar mount (axle end) WAS 17" Ground to center of the track bar with bracket (axle end) is 18" Ground to Passenger Drag link is 18" (measuring the centerpoint of the drag link end)
  18. BUMP Steer

    Trackbar relocation bracket. i went through almost the exact same stuff after my lift -new steering box -adjustable track bar -Synergy drag link -teraflex tie rod -nexus 2.2 steering damper Still had bump steer. was going to try switching to high steer. I installed the Teraflex trackbar...
  19. 2" Lift Kits for a 2018 Jeep JL Sahara

    +1 for the Rancho with the 9000xl adjustable shocks. really nice thing, is that for the same money you would spend for that mopar lift, you could get the rancho lift with the 9000 shocks, and adjustable front track bar, and the rancho geometry correction brackets. I didn’t see it mentioned...
  20. Falcon shocks worth that wait?

    Has something changed? As of a couple month ago Falcon Shocks were all made in house in Utah.