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  1. Florida Sport S Aluminum Wheels for sale

    I understand, I figured I would throw out a price. Before I bought my most recent Jeep that needs tires I sold 2019 Sahara rims and tires with 15 miles on them for $300. Now I wish I would not have sold them. It’s really not what I want but I figured if you would take $150 I would have settled...
  2. Rock light tern signals

    Yep, oh well it’s already made. Wish I would have found that one before. Thanks for your reply.
  3. Rock light tern signals

    And apparently I can't spell... "Rock light turn signals"
  4. Rock light tern signals

    So I am having a controller board built to control my RGB rock lights. It will have 3 inputs and 6 outputs. Inputs 1) Power - Fog light circuit will power the on board electronics. When this is high and the other 2 inputs are low the right and left rock lights will be white, RGB 100%. 2)...
  5. Where to buy extended warranty...

    Your right, I confused unlimited mileage for lifetime.
  6. Where to buy extended warranty...

    I don’t think the unlimited mileage is available anymore
  7. Sun Visor Broken

    I did as well.
  8. 2020 Wrangler JL Recall - lower control arm bracket and weld

    The axles can be part numbers 68294136AJ, 68294135AJ, 68294375AJ, or 68294356AJ. There is a sticker on the passenger side of the axle on the top. This will tell you the axle number. 68294136AJ is a D35
  9. Where to buy extended warranty...

    I have no idea what a $0 deductible would be. Call Tom
  10. how long to buy warranty

    I believe it’s 1 year from time of purchase. After that I believe the price goes up.
  11. Where to buy extended warranty...

    I bought mine from Tom Winkels 269-488-2080. I purchased Mopar 7/125 Max Care for $2070.00 on a 12 month payment plan.
  12. Sun Visor Fix

    This is what I bought..
  13. Sun Visor Fix

    Thanks for this, I just bought the parts today...
  14. DIY Oil Change using Fumato drain valve

    That one will fit. M14 x 1.5
  15. Can't regulate heater temperature

    I was playing with my controls this morning. It seems to be better when both side of the climate are synced.
  16. Can't regulate heater temperature

    I have not taken it to the dealer for this issue, My dealer would just tell me "its a jeep thing"...
  17. DIY Oil Change using Fumato drain valve I installed a valvomax. I was worried that the fumoto would get caught on something and drain all my oil. The Valvomax has a cap that is a second level for leaks.
  18. Can't regulate heater temperature

    Yes it is super annoying.