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  1. Undisclosed Raingler Net - 2 door 175$ obo

    It connects to the back of the jeep if that’s what you mean by extended. I have the order summary attached if that clears it up.
  2. Undisclosed Raingler Net - 2 door 175$ obo

    Bump. Price lowered.
  3. Undisclosed Raingler Net - 2 door 175$ obo

    For sale is a raingler net off of a 2 door. Very good condition only reason for selling is due to selling the jeep to get a gladiator. 200 obo
  4. Virginia Raingler 2 door net and soft top windows

    I unfortunately sold my wrangler so I have a few parts to sell. I have a set of clear soft top windows for a 2 door. I also have a raingler net for the 2 door as well. I'm looking for 125$ for the windows 175$ for the raingler net. Location is richmond, VA
  5. Best spotter in the game

    Best spotter you could ask for.
  6. Soft top window storage

    I got a mopar bag. But I picked up another set of new windows for 200 bucks on Facebook. So those stay in the window bag all the time. and the ones on the jeep go in the house when I take the top off. This way when I'm out I always have windows ready to go if needed, but my nice windows aren't...
  7. The 2Dr Sport Only Thread

    I'll knock that out as soon as I get off duty.
  8. Ohio Mopar windshield tie down $20 shipped

    Still available? If so I'll buy them
  9. The 2Dr Sport Only Thread

    Now I just need bigger tires.
  10. Track bar question...

    What front bar did you use? I did the mopar lift and mine has definitely shifted. Havent done an alignment or straightened the steering wheel yet because I didnt have a track bar ordered when the lift was done. So for now its sitting until I get them ordered.
  11. Track bar question...

    I did the mopar lift and my wheels have shifted to the driver side. I'm looking at doing an adjustable track bar. My question is do I need to do both front and rear? Or just front?
  12. Paint problems

    I had a problem with my paint on my door hinges. My dealership sent my jeep to the place they use for paint. It took literally 45 days to get fixed. It was ridiculous so hopefully they figure something out for you.
  13. Paint problems

    You took your brand new jeep to a Chevy dealership for warranty work? Or the Chrysler dealership directed you to go there?
  14. What mod are you MOST proud of?! Pics welcome!!

    Awesome. Last question, do they stay on with the headlights on?
  15. What mod are you MOST proud of?! Pics welcome!!

    I've been eyeing these. I have a pretty base sport. Do you know how these operate with out full time drl
  16. Slick way to access rear storage cubby with a fridge mounted

    Did you have a blueprint you followed? Or just wing it?
  17. FCA Employee Pricing discount now available on Wrangler. Combining with other discounts/incentives.

    I've got a refund for every extended warranty I've ever purchased if I sold the car while the warranty was still valid in some cases its prorated. Not sure how the lifetime warranty works.