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  1. Factory Amplifier Question???

    did you ever find the location? I have the premium sound system and am looking for my amp. Van
  2. 2019 rubicon jl 4 door, looking for location of stereo amplifier

    My "hifi amplifier" fuse keeps popping, then I loose the sound. I want to see if there is a loose wire or something like that at the amplifier. Looking for a clue as to where they have put it. I have the 8 inch screen if that matters thanks Van Sayler
  3. ARB Under Seat mount issues

    I had someone install mine for me and it works great. I am very pleased. Van Sayler 2019 JLUR
  4. Transfer case shifting is hard

    First jeep, came from a Raptor. Have about 2k miles on it but none off-road yet. Shifting transfer case can be very hard (I tow behind an RV). I have heard that it gets easier with more use. Wondering what the experience is, thanks Van Sayler 2019 Rubicon (Stock)
  5. JL Flat tow with factory steel bumper upgrade, Blue Ox

    Here is the description Blue Ox puts on their website: "BX1139 Jeep Wrangler/Wrangler Unlimited (JL)(All Models w/Standard Bumper)(Includes ACC)" Its the "standard bumper" language that concerns me.
  6. JL Flat tow with factory steel bumper upgrade, Blue Ox

    I have a 2019 Rubicon order, it has been built and I pick it up in about 3 weeks. I have ordered the Steel Bumper Group. I plan on using the Blue Ox base plate kit. Has anyone installed that on jeep with the factory Steel bumper option? thanks Van Sayler
  7. ROAM JL Bike Carrier Rear Bumper This is a very interesting bike rack, it folds out of the way, but when you need it you just fold it down and that's all you need to do. They haven't started shipping it yet, but I have talked...
  8. Flat tow with LOD signature series Bumper

    I called Blue Ox today (Chad Luber) and he indicated that they make adapters for after market front bumpers (to attach their tow bars) and if the manufacturers say its okay to tow with them then it is. LOD has adapters listed for their Signature Mid Width front bumper. Chad is currently...
  9. Flat tow with LOD signature series Bumper

    I have a 2019 Rubicon on order and have ordered the steel bumper but am also concerned about this. I will follow this with interest. Van