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  1. IOS 13 not compatible with Carplay? Radio replacement still not fixing it

    All of sudden, as in the last week, I cannot use the steering wheel button to ask Siri to send a voice text or search for something. It just will not that a bug in the new iOS?
  2. Noisy fan and ESS automatically off

    The door latch is tied into the ESS system...I had a bad latch that was throwing an error code and disabling the ESS. Dealer replaced the latch, and that fixed it.
  3. Barricade Mirror Issues

    Well, after dealing with the "customer service" reps at Extreme Terrain regarding these...I am completely pissed off. The response i got from them, even after showing photos of damage to the inside of my hinges was "That's normal". BS. Don't buy these pieces of I am stuck with them.
  4. Barricade Mirror Issues great.
  5. Barricade Mirror Issues

    That's in the part of town I try to avoid....HAHA.
  6. Barricade Mirror Issues

    I only find myself needing them in rush hour traffic as it makes changes lanes a lot safer. For now, they stay off...
  7. Barricade Mirror Issues

    So I bought the round, Barricade mirrors that install into the hinges, and I am regretting my choice. I noticed after removing them for the second time, that i now have small metal bits coming off the bottom of the hinge from the lock washer chewing into the metal. The other issue is to get...
  8. Service Stop/Start System Warning Light - P2AF6

    They had to replace the entire door latch (drivers side) on mine. That took care of the issue...
  9. Service Stop/Start System Warning Light - P2AF6

    Yes, this fixed the issue on mine.
  10. Is it possible to just flip the soft top back and drive?

    Probably won't matter to you...but perhaps Jeep should also have their dealers stop telling people it is OK to drive with the windows in and the top flipped back. If dealerships are posting videos telling people this is OK, I would say it is fine. I have driven with this configuration for over...
  11. Uconnect and XM Guardian- Questiom

    Thanks for the reply....That's kind of what I figured, but was confusing myself thinking about it!

    Have them check the drivers door latch...easy way to diagnose is to disconnect the wire harness for the door. That was the issue on mine when it was doing this...I just happened to take the doors off one day after the service light came on and it immediately went off. Ended up being a faulty...
  13. Uconnect and XM Guardian- Questiom

    This is probably a really dumb question, but it seems like Sirius Radio and Uconnect Guardian are linked...and I am trying to find out if I can continue my XM radio service without the Guardian service. Also, I use the remote start on the Uconnect App, and I assume that will also go away if I...
  14. Service Stop/Start System Warning Light - P2AF6

    I also had the service start/stop system light coming on and mine was traced back to a malfunction in the door latch. I was able to track it down by unplugging the wire harness for the door and that turned the light off.
  15. When did you do your first oil change.....?

    Have an appointment on Saturday...will be just shy of 5,000 miles.
  16. “Service Stop/Start System”

    So I took mine in this morning to get the door latch replaced, as they determined that was the culprit. However after installing the new latch, now they can’t even open the frigging door! Now I have a loaner, and they are taking the inside of the door apart trying to figure out a way to get it...
  17. “Service Stop/Start System”

    And now...just like magic my warning light went off and the service message went away. Have an appointment for the new door latch in a week. Now what??
  18. Stop start in battery protection mode

    Interesting....they checked my wire harness and said it looked fine. I was told my issue was a faulty door latch. I will check the pins myself tonight.
  19. “Service Stop/Start System”

    Had mine at the dealer on saturday...he said the problem is a faulty door latch on the drivers side. Need to wait two weeks for a part to come in now.
  20. Track bar frame weld issue recall! [Updated with official UA5 recall notice w/ repair procedure]

    I was at my dealer over the weekend for them to address an error with the stop/start system (another story), and i asked if he could check my welds while they had it, even though I dont think I am on the recall list. The service manager proceeded to tell me there is no recall for the welds, at...