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  1. Driver's side rear quarter panel of softtop flying off mid trip. Campaign Description 2018-20 JL REAR QUARTER WINDO Repair Description Read and understand the enclosed Addendum Card booklet and Tip Card.Place these documents in your vehicles glove box for future reference by you or...
  2. 2 door vs. 4 door sales

    The 2 door sells about as well as it did when the 4 door didn't exist, especially when you factor in the cannibalization from 4 door sales. The 4 door just open up the market to a lot more people that could not use the 2 door as a one car family vehicle, or just because of the very many 2 door...
  3. Hard top options on the Unlimited Sahara? - Jeep Canada

    Ok looks like Black hard top is standard in Canada for the Sahara, and Soft top is standard in the US(zip 10107), not sure if zip matters for tops in the US.
  4. Hard top options on the Unlimited Sahara? - Jeep Canada

    Are you sure it comes standard with a soft top in Canada? I think the Black 3 piece hard top is standard in Canada. Try adding the dual top option, then remove it, you should see, that it is being switched back to the black hard top
  5. Found something missing in my JL

    These come in very handy, for dry cleaning and other stuff because of the carabiner, there are a few different sizes.
  6. Bestop Sunrider Review

    Best $1,200CAD I've spent Allows for easy open top during the winter.
  7. What is your best/favorite mod for under $20

    Govee Interior Car Lights, LED Car Strip Lights with Two-Line Waterproof Design, 48 LEDs App Control Car Light Kit, DIY Mode and Music Sync Under Dash Car Lighting with Car Charger, DC 12V This is $22.99($26.99CAD .CA) on Amazon, pretty cheap LED lighting system $21.59 CAD if code below works...

    Do you have the product codes for the grill and bumper inserts?
  9. Lug nuts the same?

    I use 2014 Rubicon wheels on my 2018 JL.

    The rear LEDs only work when they are turned on by the switch, not part of the DRL system. I always drive with the lights set at it's parking position, have been doing this for decades, so it's a habit.
  11. Just an FYI...using battery tender charges the ESS battery as well

    Mine hasn't worked all winter either, I took it as a blessing, however should I be concerned that the ESS battery isn't charged enough for the ESS to work?
  12. Any regrets with your JLU purchase?

    The Alpine is worth it, the uConnect 8.4 isn't worth it though, especially if you have a smartphone. I have the 8.4 and only use the USB for music and Bluetooth for phone calls, navigation is always done using Waze. I think the most basic uConnect is capable of USB and Bluetooth, and that is...
  13. Rubicon wheels

    Post in the Members Marketplace, might get more visibility Is that a Bestop Sunrider for Hardtop, how is it holding up with that ice? I just bought one, but it never saw snow or ice.
  14. Rear glass bottom trim retainer

    That rear glass is all one piece, and it's very expensive, $1,000+, so whatever you do be careful.
  15. Replacing rear glass???

    It is very easy to replace, someone broke into my Wrangler when it was 2 weeks old, they broke in to steal a $10 case of Malta, guess they thought it was beer. I was lucky enough to find one on a buy and sell website for $400CAD
  16. Which one of these 3 options would you pick?

    I'm not sure the Audio can be upgraded for better at a less price than the Alpine, I could not get better for cheaper with the JK. And just upgrading the speakers is a waste of time and money, I did that in my JK.
  17. Which one of these 3 options would you pick?

    I would get the Alpine but not the upgraded Uconnect Head unit. As basic a Head unit you can get and the Alpine. I have the 8.4 Uconnect with Alpine, the 8.4 is useless, the Navigation is also useless. I also have cold weather, it's ok to have, but I would not miss it and I also rarely use...
  18. Mopar Satin Black Grill

    It's a very nice grill, I had one on my JK, looks like the price for the JL version is a lot more expensive, I cannot remember paying this much for the one I bought for the JK, I have been considering this since I bought my JL.
  19. Merry Christmas! What Jeep goodies did y'all get?

    Bestop Sunrider for Hardtop - Twill Says it will be shipped in 4-6 weeks from manufacturer. 10% off = $1,128CAD all in This is the cheapest I found in Canada.