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  1. Illinois 2018 JLUR Rock Rails - perfect condition $60

    do you still have these?
  2. Best CAI?

    you will love it, i love mine.
  3. Been out of a Wrangler for 2 years. Ready to get back in. WANT 4 cyl. CHANGE MY MIND!

    I have 3,900 miles on my 3.6 and its getting 22.9 combined. 24.1 highway. If you could hear it with the AFE Momentum intake, your mind might be changed. No sound at cruising, quiet rumble at soft acceleration, deep growl at 4,000 plus. I also added a catch can. I did test out quite a few 2.0...
  4. PixelDecals - 5 week wait time plus creased decals

    My Jeep is Sting Gray, and Like PD said, Matte black with gloss black outline. It looks awesome in the Rubi JL font.
  5. PixelDecals - 5 week wait time plus creased decals

    Happy customer here. The website clearly states the wait times. My Wrangler looks awesome.
  6. EPA ratings 2020 3.6 BSG - disappointed

    My 2019 JLUS gets 24.2 highway, 19 city. I'm plenty happy with it, I've got a catch can and afe momentum GT intake installed.
  7. about to place 2020 JL order need advice on engine choice

    I have the 3.6 with ESS, Yes it is port injected. Just installed an AFE momentum GT intake, one of the best sounding combinations of any engine i've ever driven. Getting 21 mpg combined city/highway. Love it.
  8. aFe Momentum GT Cold Air Intake YouTube Review

    Rubired, just installed the afe momentum and couldnt agree more. The sound is awesome and it's hard to stay off the throttle. Sounds better than my 2019 Ram 5.7 I sold to get my wrangler. Throttle Response has increased too. You cannot hear it at all at low RPMs or highway speeds. Install wasnt...
  9. Best CAI?

    I just installed the AFE Momentum GT for my 3.6. I cannot recommend it enough, I got it on a huge discount on an Amazon sale but the sound and throttle response are beyond worth the cost. The 3.6 now sounds better than my ram's 5.7 hemi. It also looks awesome under the hood.
  10. Illinois Mopar Tube Steps

  11. 2020 Jeep JL Model Year Waiting Club

    I was waiting for a 2020.. then I got too good of a deal on this one. Glad I didn't wait. Love this thing.
  12. Michigan Tekonsha, Rusty’s, ARB etc.

    What part of Michigan? I am interested in the rock rails
  13. Which engine would you choose?

    Drove 2 identical wrangler saharas back to back. 2.0 and 3.6. The start stop on the 2.0 was nicer, but i liked the overall feel and sound of the 3.6 much better. So i ended up buying the 3.6. The 2.0 had the check engine light on the whole time because of low voltage from sitting around on the...
  14. AFE Intakes. Magnum vs Momentum 3.6

    Thanks LateBreaking for the detailed response. Visible15, Most guys in other threads are loving their intakes. You likely will too.
  15. Air Filters...

    You can have mine for 10$ once my AFE intake gets here. i've only got 80 miles on my stock one atm haha.
  16. Ride difference between moab and sahara

    There is a significant difference between a moab stock M/T ride and a sahara with stock A/T. I have both in my garage.
  17. JL (2DR) AFE Cold Air Intake 75-13002B

    What did you honestly think about the magnum? Debating it vs momentum.
  18. AFE Intakes. Magnum vs Momentum 3.6

    Hey guys, I know a good amount of members have AFE intakes ( CAI ) on their jeeps. I am debating between the Magnum force and the Momentum GT. I'm hoping to hear from actual owners, not the "what a waste of money" crowd. Hoping for a little improved sound, throttle response and maybe a mpg or...