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  1. Leather seat pucker / wrinkles

    @JeepCares many of the other people on the thread in the US myself included. Do I need to originate another thread for an actual response? If the answer is yes that would just be silly now wouldn't it?
  2. Leather seat pucker / wrinkles

    @JeepCares do you have any feedback on this topic?
  3. Leather seat pucker / wrinkles

    Let me know what the outcome is. We have similar loose spots.
  4. Transmission / Transfer Case Leak

    Well after waiting three months for a seal the dealer, Coon Rapids Chrysler Jeep in the Minneapolis area did not fix the problem. The leak actually appeared worse. How they could not test drive it and leak check is beyond me. I am switching to another dealer after talking with them about their...
  5. backup camera suddenly stopped working

    Had it last Friday, did not work, sat in a parking lot for an hour then worked again.
  6. OTA Update is finally here!

    Got the install last Saturday evening. Off road pages showed up and worked, we have had reverse lines. Did not drive the Jeep for a couple days, last night for the first couple starts they were flaky, the photo shows the Jeep, sitting in the garage in 2H and the status page shows everything...
  7. Transmission / Transfer Case Leak

    It is not that bad of a leak at all, we are continuing to drive.
  8. Transmission / Transfer Case Leak

    The diagnosis is the seal between the transmission and the transfer case. They said the seal is on back order with no idea how long it will take to get.
  9. All Those from Minnesota!

    Park Jeep today!
  10. All Those from Minnesota!

    By any chance were you going North on 35E yesterday around 445? If so I saw you and waved...from a Mustang
  11. All Those from Minnesota!

    I look forward to getting to wave at another Mojito!
  12. Transmission / Transfer Case Leak

    Service appointment scheduled for the 13th. Fingers crossed it gets fixed.
  13. Turn headlights off = Blinded by instrument panel??

    Read your owners manual. Lights come on when wipers are used in Auto
  14. Transmission / Transfer Case Leak

    After 644 miles we noticed a puddle on the garage floor. There is red fluid leaking from the transmission / transfer case area. Very disappointing as this will require "major surgery" I am guessing to repair. Waiting to hear back from the dealer so we can come up with a plan. Hopefully all...
  15. MOJITO! Wrangler JL Club

    Just cause its suburban driving does not mean it it cant be fun!
  16. So How's The Real World Highway MPG?

    This is what we are seeing as well.
  17. Off road pages———again

    In settings for the instrument display you can turn which pages show up on and off, could have you inadvertently removed it?
  18. JLU LED Group Headlights - Can they be turned off??

    I think I recall that as one of the settings in the menus, you just need to find the right spot.