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  1. What did you name your Jeep JL?

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  2. Oil Leak Suddenly 2020 JLU Sahara

    Sucks that the parts are out of stock. Mine was a "serious" leak, and I was happy to get it fixed in a day (despite the extra $20 charge to expedite it). Did they give you an expected availability?
  3. What did you name your Jeep JL?

    Our's is named Archie (after the Arches and Archie the comic book character ---go take a look if you are not familiar with Archie, you may notice a similarity); our motorhome is Veronica (she tows Archie and more or less "tells" him where to go :LOL: )
  4. Constantly asked why didn't I get a 4 door!!!! Anyone else? spouse, I presume. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  5. No Jeep waves here :(

    We travel all over and try to wave as much as possible. There are times where I am busy driving, and I'm sure some that we wave at are busy too. The majority wave back (admittedly it can be difficult to see waves through the windshield).
  6. Michigan Beginner Trails

    There are a lot of forest roads east or south (more east) of Manistee in the Manistee National Forest. Camping is available any number of places in that general area. Beaches and kayaking also in the area.
  7. Jeep JL destruction from flat tow in 4Lo and 1st gear! Make sure transfer case is in neutral!

    I imagine that it towed much easier after the first mile:facepalm:
  8. 2.0T Only has ONE battery?

    Thank you for the clear explanation that ESS with eTorque is handled by the 48v eTorque battery and omits the 2nd small 12v battery (and the location of the 48V battery). Follow-up question with regard to getting 12v from the 48v for ESS: is the 48v battery a group of 4 12v batteries and ESS is...
  9. 2.0T Only has ONE battery?

    I don't think you are correct. Nearly ALL responses indicate that the ESS has the second small 12v battery under the fuse box (or std 12v if it has been moved back near the fire wall.).
  10. 2.0T Only has ONE battery?

    So is it like this (2020 JLU Sahara 2.0): 1. All Jeeps 2.0: standard 12v battery 2. All Jeeps 2.0 with ESS (with or without eTorque): Extra 12v battery low/right side; std 12v battery 3. All Jeeps 2.0 with eTorque have 48v battery, std 12v battery, and aux 12v battery if it also has...
  11. Show the stickers / decals you've added to your Jeep Wrangler JL

    Thanks!!! Shortly after I posted, I realized the post was a couple of years old:facepalm:
  12. How are your cloth seats holding up?

    I didn't want to find out the hard way whether they would wear quickly, so one of the first things I did was buy Rough Country covers for them. I looked at all the various brands and recommendations in deciding on these. As many said, they fit extremely well, show no wear so far and are very...
  13. Driving my Jeep makes me arrogant

    Yep, but the OP is around Chicago, where the only hills are landfills!:LOL:
  14. 2021 JLUR (manual, 3.6L ESS) Won't Start

    Almost sounds like an issue with the clutch switch itself--maybe shorted--because of the changes you get when you press the start button with and without depressing the clutch. Just a WAG. Good luck.
  15. Who actually uses A/C?

    Use it as necessary.
  16. Jeep: There IS a Michigan Upper Peninsula

    Last nights Super Bowl ad for Jeep touting unity: their map omits the UP!! FCA is based where???? Jeep forgets U.P. on map used in Super Bowl commercial -
  17. CONSUMER REPORTS and Gladiators and Wranglers.

    C'mon dude, you don't even believe that yourself. NO rental car ever had 22 miles on it:facepalm:
  18. CONSUMER REPORTS and Gladiators and Wranglers.

    Sure, we all know that rental cars make a great comparison for reliability because no one EVER abuses a rental car. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  19. Driving in the Snow - Traction Control On or Off?

    I think you answered your own question about the tires when you said all was good in 4LO.