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  1. Sky One-Touch Top Maintenance Care?

    Nice! Looks like you can’t open the top when you’re carrying your boards, is that correct?
  2. Sky One-Touch Top Maintenance Care?

    How did it turn out with the racks you bought? Can you send pics? Bill
  3. Sky One-Touch Top Maintenance Care?

    I don’t believe there is a limit when the top is already open. I’ve gone 70-75 with it open with no problems. When I’m done with the wind noise I’ll slow down to <60, close the top and then cruise on. All the best -
  4. No sound from speakers

    :). Happy trails and stay healthy out there
  5. No sound from speakers

    what I find works is changing the input to AM, then it starts functioning again after that point. Not sure why, but it has been a consistent workaround for me.
  6. No sound from speakers

    AWESOME TIP! I have had this problem several times over the past year and switching to AM fixes it on mine every times.... ugh that such a stupid problem hasn’t been fixed, but good to have a workaround finally.
  7. Plasti Dip vs Wrap - Entire Body?

    Thanks all - really helpful input! And yes, this is for my 2010 JK.
  8. New Recon Package Fender Decal Shows on Configurator

    Seems like this is the Rubicon Moab version (instead of the Moab built on Sahara). Rock Rails, Mud TA, leather dash all Moab features. I like it, best of both worlds.
  9. GAIA maps is a lifesaver!

    Just downloaded. Looks like it could be helpful. I typically use AllTrails, good app to find places to trail.
  10. Plasti Dip vs Wrap - Entire Body?

    Paint is faded on my other jeep, 2010 JK. I've heard good things about both P/D and Wrap, but usually on only parts of the body (grill / fendors / etc.). Anyone do the entire body of your jeep? Would appreciate any thoughts on what 1. Is the most resilient (moderate off roading and overall...
  11. What option do you regret not getting? By popularity!

    Where's the sky one touch? That should definitely be on the options list for voting.
  12. 2019 JL Towing

    Thanks all - I appreciate the responses. I live in Colorado, so the terrain that I pull my trailer is somewhat aggressive, definitely crawling over some rocks, but never need more than stock Moab Jeep clearance can readily handle. I always scout before I head down a new path and try to avoid...
  13. 2019 JL Towing

    The JL's towing capacity is 3500lbs, I have a 2500lb pop-up trailer (loaded) and I enjoy going disbursed camping (so there is some off-roading required). I have avoided using my JL and instead opted for pulling it with my truck (5.4L V8) to not push the towing limits of my Jeep. Any thoughts -...
  14. Goodyear Mud Terrain Treadlife

    Anyone else find that the GoodYear Mud Terrain have really short treadlife? I have a set, rotate at 5k miles and at 15k miles they appear 50% worn. I’ve seen a tire review that said they wear fast at first then the rubber hardens and they last longer from there. Seems a bit odd if that is true...
  15. ESS when parking

    Plain and simple, a design flaw. Either do not turn the vehicle back on when you put it into park (seems pretty straightforward) or allow a setting to turn off ESS by default. They are constantly pushing software updates, they should fix this on a future release.
  16. Dealer Messed Up Order. Is limited anti-slip differential important?

    I’d double check your build sheet. Mine says anti-spin rear differential. Same thing as limited slip I believe.
  17. Sky One-Touch Top Maintenance Care?

    For folks interested. Drove JL with sky top during pea sized hail today and no issues. Was glad it didn’t get worse as I don’t want damage, thought I’d share with the group.
  18. In praise (or not) of ESS? **NO POLITICS**

    EXACTLY!!!! This aspect of the feature, where it turns the motor back on because it is shifted into park (typically to then be immediately turned off) is absolutely moronic and must be bad on the motor! ESS should be a user configurable preference within the control panel and I would much...
  19. Cyclone Bomb vs. Sky One-Touch Power Top

    Seriously? Not a response worth posting.