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  1. Upgrading knee speakers. Dash removal?

    Here’s the other big thread I had found, Post #1 has a great walkthrough with pictures. That entire thread is worth a read.
  2. Upgrading knee speakers. Dash removal?

    I replaced the knee speakers with the Metra pods and 6.5” not to long ago. There’s a handheld of threads dedicated to it and I still had this one bookmarked, Post #16...
  3. Alpine PSS-23WRA Sound System Upgrade - Review and Suggestions

    Check the small gap between the sound bar and the metal frame. A lot of us have had luck after jamming something in between.
  4. Uconnect update for 8.4 TSB 08-001-19

    Hold down driver side up temperature, driver side down temperature, and front defrost at the same time.
  5. Mopar Satin Grille for Jeep Wrangler

    “This Genuine Mopar Replacement Grill comes in service black “primer” finish that is ready for paint” That looks like the unfinished grill replacement rather than the Satin Black Grill Upgrade, Not sure if you’re planning on finishing it...
  6. Colorado Will CarPlay announce incoming texts?

    Does it stop giving you audible notification when the Jeep is off as well? Like others have mentioned, check Systems-Notifications-Messages (will need to scroll down to find it). Allow notifications need to be on (green). Sometimes this gets reset after an iOS update. Also, in your Jeep under...
  7. Does usb2 work for anything other then charging?

    I went from the 7” to the 8.4” and lost the ability to use CarPlay on USB2. With the 7” it worked no problem. I even reinstalled the 7” to test and it started working again. There have been several threads around this issue and a lot of us have come to the conclusion that there’s an issue with...
  8. Uconnect update for 8.4 TSB 08-001-19

    Agreed. As far as I can tell, the “latest” updates via UConnect’s website is the 2019-05-15 one. The half dozen or so updates since have all been OTA or dealer done. I’m sure there would be a lot of thankful people if someone could get their hands on the latest update files.
  9. Colorado Will CarPlay announce incoming texts?

    That's odd. Did you by chance have "Do Not Disturb" enabled? On your iPhone under "Settings" -> "General" -> 'CarPlay" -> "Uconnect" you should have "Allow "CarPlay While Locked" enabled (green). Under "Settings" -> "Bluetooth" -> "Uconnect" you should have "Show Notifications" enabled but as...
  10. Question about Upgrading Knee Speakers (Adapters)

    Hey Greg. I completed the install a few weeks back and the Metra JP-1014 Pods come with the required Metra adapters in the box. I believe it's the Metra 72-6514 adapter but don't hold me to it, I'll see if I can find the packing in the trash. I will say the install was a bit tricky. There are...
  11. Did Infotainment 7.0 to 8.4 Upgrade, worth it!

    Sorry to revive a year old thread but wanted to check in to see how things are for you a year later? I just made the same swap and all your points are accurate. Not sure how long Sirius will be activated for as my Radio ID is different as well. Besides USB2 not working, I lost my gridlines on...
  12. 2019 JL Carplay not working on USB2

    Question for you guys who are pulling fuses; are you doing it with the ignition on or just in run mode?
  13. Uconnect update for 8.4 TSB 08-001-19

    Anyone happen to have access to the most recent update files yet? I’m in a similar situation
  14. New Uconnect Uodate July 19, 2020

    Has anyone who has recently received an OTA update been able to check/confirm what their version is now?
  15. Alpine PSS-23WRA Sound System Upgrade - Review and Suggestions

    Varilux - thanks again for all the info. Wondering if you still have the oem head-unit and if so, what you have your equalizer settings adjusted to? I’m by no means an audiophile and am just looking for a good baseline to start at.
  16. Custom Jl sound bar

    Hey Jrowephoto. The soundbar is kind of a pain to take off. I installed the SSV adapters last weekend to prep for the Alpine PSS-23WRA install project this weekend. There are two clips on that dome light. After taking off the 10mm bolts and the 3 torx screws holding it in place, the middle of...
  17. Speaker replacement upgrade

    Metra 72-7902 for the 3.5”. Make sure to check the polarity as was pointed out to me. Seems Metra harnesses have their colored wires reversed in a lot of cases.
  18. Jeep JL Car Play Project.

    Anyone else tried the center console replacement talked about on this thread?
  19. Epic FAIL when upgrading from 7"to 8.4" Uconnect

    Correct. According to All Mopar Parts, here are the two with NAV. Benny is quick to respond if you wanted to double check but I couldn’t find an updated radio version since that post. Like Punk’n Willy, looks like it would be 68429173AB. Hope that helps.