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  1. Virginia JLUR front & rear axles

    If you have them in 3 months, I might be interested. I’m coming out there for work next week and don’t leave until June
  2. Mixing ohm loads

    How would I go about running them in series?
  3. Alpine SPV-65-JLT

    I’ve been reading that people are using it in the Alpine upgraded systems, however, yes, it is designed for the non-Alpine systems. My Jeep did not come with the Alpine system either. I’ve built up from the stock system.
  4. Alpine SPV-65-JLT

    Update 2: I adjusted the HPF and gain on my amp....these speakers are amazing!
  5. Mixing ohm loads

    I have 3 ohm coaxial Infinity’s in the dash and knee panels and the new Alpine SPV 65’s in the soundbar, which are 4 ohm. Everything is running off of an Alpine KTP-445u mini amp. Is mixing amp loads bad for the whole system?
  6. Adding an Aftermarket Amp(s)

    Has anyone swapped the knee panel speakers out to a 6.5” coaxial and is experiencing very little output from them...and conversely getting a ton of output (volume) from the 4” dash speakers? (All the front speakers are Infinity Reference series, all coaxial) I do have a KTP-445u powering...
  7. Alpine SPV-65-JLT

    Update: the new speakers are in. My opinions thus far: Super easy install, basic tools needed. A small dremel is all that’s needed for cutting the soundbar guts out. With the right tip, it’s very easy. impressions on sound: the sound is much cleaner and offers a bit more mid bass than...
  8. Alpine SPV-65-JLT

    I’ll be running these off of an Alpine KTU-445p amp. According to Alpine these are tuned specifically for the sound bar on the standard JL system....not the Alpine system. From what I understand, they’ll perform better than running the SSV plates and random components. I get them tomorrow, so...
  9. Alpine SPV-65-JLT

    I just ordered mine. I’ll respond back
  10. Knee panel speakers not producing much sound

    Bump. Anyone have experience with the knee speakers?
  11. What does anybody know about these Dstrac axles?

    Pricing wise, it seems they are competitive. The ability to run 40’s on their “44” is attractive. Website says it’s bolt on. as someone else mentioned, their Brazilian website definitely shows some high torque, big abuse rigs running their axles.
  12. California SOLD! JL Sport Dana M186 / M220 w/limited slip axle set

    I would be interested in the rear.....PM separate price?
  13. 2.0 with junkyard axle swaps

    Just as title suggests....I’m exploring the idea of doing junkyard builds of - 60 front/14 bolt Rear on my JL Sport S. I have the 2.0l and love engine swap on the menu. My question is primarily focused on “can the 2.0l handle turning larger axles/weight if those axles are geared...
  14. D60 owners - How??

    Thanks for your input. Your Jeep looks great!
  15. Underseat and regular powered subs

    I did end up going with the Rockford. Top on, it has some pretty decent punch...not going to be heard around the block, but has great sound and bass “fill.” Top off, as expected, I lose a bit, however it still sounds good on surface streets, and you still get some decent sound at speed. Size...
  16. D60 owners - How??

    Honestly, for my needs, I will likely opt for built D44’s....BUT I would Love to eventually run 40’s. Whatever happens is gonna have to wait until after my Jeep is paid off, which will be a while. The only caveat would be if we decided to sell our house and take a little equity and pay off the...
  17. OHV Camping near San Diego

    I was looking at the reserve California site and I’m not sure if I need to reserve a drive in spot. Do you know how that works, or which site I need to pick if I want to wheel into it?
  18. D60 owners - How??

    Both? we have the same color. Looks that setup.
  19. D60 owners - How??

    Considering I’m driving a JL Sport S with D30/35 on 37’ “fun” is gonna be limited a bit. Long term I hope to upgrade to built D44’s....maybe junkyard 60’s.