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  1. Washington SOLD: Black Premium JLU Soft Top, Seattle Area, $1000

    Yes - sorry, this is sold.
  2. Washington SOLD: Black Premium JLU Soft Top, Seattle Area, $1000

    It's yours if you want it, Some Random Guy.
  3. Washington SOLD: Black Premium JLU Soft Top, Seattle Area, $1000

    Some wiggle room in the price, as long as it goes to a Wrangler owner that will enjoy it, rather than someone who will flip it. :)
  4. Washington SOLD: Black Premium JLU Soft Top, Seattle Area, $1000

    Wanted to clarify, this includes all windows, mounting hardware, etc. It's not just the top. :)
  5. Washington SOLD: Black Premium JLU Soft Top, Seattle Area, $1000

    For sale is the premium OEM black soft top. I got both the hard top and soft top with my car, and it turns out that I prefer the hard top year round. It's in good condition, though it's been used. Stored in my basement, so it was only exposed to weather while it was installed. I live in West...
  6. Kenwood TM-D710GA ham radio install (lots of pics)

    I've managed to install a Kenwood TM-D710GA in my Jeep and figured pictures of the install might help others. My goals were: As little permanent modification as possible, ideally no drilling holes in places where if removed, it would still be visible Since I live in Seattle and it's crawling...
  7. Console USB Charging- weak?

    Yes, C to C is 5v 3A. I'm using A to C, which supports a max of 2A.
  8. Console USB Charging- weak?

    Same - I think my pixel charges faster than spec allows via a USB B to C cable and Android auto. It's at least 2 amps.
  9. UConnect Trail Recording

    You nailed all three of the things I was hoping to use it for. If it could do any ONE of them, I'd have been pretty happy. It can do none of them, and on top of that, as you mentioned it takes a lot of effort to get a good path recorded and stored solely on your head unit, since each time you...
  10. UConnect Trail Recording

    I tried the same feature when offroading. It's so woefully incomplete that I gave up and won't use it again unless it's improved.
  11. Am I the only silly person running winter tires on a Rubicon?

    No, the same tire is available studless and studded. It's the same mold I guess, just in one version they stick studs in. I don't want to be part of the problem of Washington's roads turning into powdered rock, so I bought studless. If it was up to me studded tires would be illegal or have a...
  12. Am I the only silly person running winter tires on a Rubicon?

    I've heard lots of great things about the BFG KO2 in snow. I can tell you that on Seattle's 35-40 degree, wet, and shiny non-snowy streets, the KO2s are not all that good. They're not dangerous, but provide noticeably less traction than the garbage Hankook all-seasons that came on my Sedona. I...
  13. Am I the only silly person running winter tires on a Rubicon?

    Which ones did you get? I think Toyo and General make winter tires this big too.
  14. Am I the only silly person running winter tires on a Rubicon?

    Why'd I do it? I wanted to try it. I bought an extra set of wheels and got 5 studless Nokian Hakkapeliitta LT2s in the stock 285/70R17 size. So far they're good - noticeably grippier than the KO2s on Seattle's wet 40 degree polished-to-a-shine-by-studs streets. I'm heading to Montana next week...
  15. LED's not hot enough to melt snow while driving!!??

    Very good description of how LEDs aren't a linear resistive load. Our cars probably use a much more complicated constant current switching power supply for the LED headlights though. The variable alternator and ESS systems mean that the voltage fluctuates between 12V and 14V pretty frequently...
  16. What's up with the variance in fuel range?!

    Yup, absolutely correct. I get crap mileage most of the time due to city driving and short trips. When I head out on the highway with a pretty full tank, my estimated range increases for 20-30 miles straight. I haven't figured out how much history the computer uses for the estimation, but it's...
  17. People that have gone from "sporty" rides to a Wrangler... be honest now... do you regret it?

    I went from an NC Miata to a JL and haven't regretted it at all. I've already put more miles on the JL than I had in the past 2 years of the Miata.
  18. WARN JL Rubicon Winch Mount Plate and Zeon 10-S Install

    I know you got the bumper back on, but I wanted to put in my 2 cents since this happened to me. I also ended up enlarging the frame bracket holes a bit so that I could fit the bumper back on. I realized after the fact that it's almost definitely the rear frame bracket being pushed out of whack...
  19. WiFi uses a lot of data

    On Android there's a solution: you can mark WiFi networks as "metered" and then they're treated like mobile connections in terms of background bandwidth usage. Settings -> network -> data usage -> network restrictions. Choose your car's WiFi network and set it to metered. On iOS I have no idea.
  20. Hill descent control

    The automatic's shifter is the user interface to control hill descent control - you choose the speed with the 'manual' mode. The 6 speed manual has a mechanical linkage to the transmission, and so there's no way it could be used to set a speed. I'm guessing this is why.