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  1. Where's the love for the 2dr JL

    Excellent choice.
  2. Fridge

    I have a Dometic CFX3 45 on the way. Hoping to receive it before a little Father's Day trip I have planned.
  3. Need some advice with regearing

    OP, I was in your shoes two months ago. I'm running a 2.5 MC lift and 315/70/17 Patagonias. The tires are 34.7" diameter according to the mfg. 8th gear was non-existent and I rarely saw 7th. I chose 4.88s and now see roughly 2300rpm/70mph and 2500rpm/75mph. Highway mileage is right around...
  4. Greasing chassis rules

    I over greased too on my first attempt. I was expecting them to be like the old style boots where you stopped pumping the gun when grease started seeping out from around the boot. I unscrewed the zerk fitting real quick to deflate the boot before it exploded. The JL isn't like my old farm...
  5. Looking for better & safer lug nuts

    I bought that exact same socket it still wouldn't fit. The lug bores on my wheels are just too skinny for a 22mm nut and socket. I'm still running the splined lug nuts and they're working fine for me.
  6. What grease are y’all using

    I installed the Steersmarts tie rod this weekend. One side took about ten pumps from the grease gun until it started seeping out. That's what I was expecting. The other side kept ballooning up and never did leak any out. I ended up removing the zerk fitting to drain some out. First time...
  7. Sport 3.45s to 4.88s

    I finally got new gears installed in my 2-dr Sport last weekend courtesy of forum member @rustyshakelford I'm currently running Patagonia 315s (34.7" according to Milestar).and seeing 2500 rpm's at 75 mph. That's in 8th gear btw. So far mpg is around 17 at highway speeds and I'm happy with...
  8. Conventional Oil for Gear Break In

    Does anyone know why conventional oil is recommended for ring & pinon break in? I thought synthetics were better in most every way or at least that's what marketing tells us. Dynatrac implies that synthetics don't flow the same but I'm looking for a better explanation...
  9. How important is the plastic boot on front driveshaft?

    So what is the purpose of the plastic boot to begin with? If it was to protect the splines then why don't aftermarket shafts need one? Perhaps its only for keeping dirt and crud from contaminating the lube on the slip shaft. That's just a guess. The stock DS doesn't have a grease fitting...
  10. How important is the plastic boot on front driveshaft?

    Northridge had a 15% weekend sale w/ free shipping in mid-Jan. Those are the ones to watch for. Got lucky and was able pick up my new DS for <$500.
  11. How important is the plastic boot on front driveshaft?

    Got any pics of the damage?
  12. Front Driveshaft Angle

    Torx Plus? I didn't know such an animal existed. I used a plain old T50 but thought it felt a little loose. More tools to buy <sigh>. I was surprised at the little 8mm 12-point bolts used for the Adams t-case yoke. All my small sockets are 6pt but luckily I had a ratcheting combo wrench...
  13. Front Driveshaft Angle

    Here's what it looks like installed. You can easily see the diff isn't perfectly in line with the shaft. I took it for a short test drive and couldn't feel any vibration in 4wd but didn't get over 40mph. I don't think I'll be going that fast on trails anyway.
  14. Front Driveshaft Angle

    That's kinda what I thought. I'm keeping the D30 and FAD so I guess the shaft shouldn't be spinning while in 2wd. When I'm in 4wd i won't be going highway speeds.
  15. Front Driveshaft Angle

    I have a new Adams 1310 on the way to replace the front shaft in my 2-dr Sport, MC 2.5 lift, 35s, etc... Doing this so I don't have to worry about an rzeppa failure. I've got 6 degrees caster dialed in with the control arms and it drives great. Do I simply bolt up the new shaft or is the...
  16. Looking for better & safer lug nuts

    Too bad my lug bores are only 28.5mm. I'd have to find a super thin wall 22mm socket to fit that. Doubt there's such an animal and so far I haven't found one. Another option is use a 19mm bulge acorn lug nut. Grey Pneumatic provides the dimensions of all their sockets. A regular 19mm deep...
  17. Looking for better & safer lug nuts

    Excellent! Post pics when you get them installed.
  18. Looking for better & safer lug nuts

    Curious if you were successful getting the larger 26.4mm lug nuts to fit. I seriously doubt they'd fit my Icon wheels. It appears they deliberately made the hole bores for the narrow spline lug nuts. Here's something else to consider. The wheel needs a corresponding seating surface to take...
  19. Whats your tire pressure???

    35" Patagonia MT. 28 cold.
  20. Texas 2019 Wrangler Sport Wheels and Tires

    Five 245-75-17 Goodyear Wrangler AT takeoffs with 750mi on them. Includes wheels, spare, lug nuts, wheel locks, and all TPMS sensors. Located in north DFW area. $400