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  1. Arizona For Sale - Tazer JL Lite

    Are they not linked to your VIN?
  2. POLL: What is your favorite color on the Jeep Wrangler (2021 Model Year)

    As Sarge Green is apparently not an option I would have to say Sting Gray. As I have a 2020 Sarge Green JLUD I am kind of glad that it's not offered, sorry
  3. SARGE GREEN Wrangler JL Club

    Recently purchased a 2020 JLUD in Sarge Green w/Black soft top and interior. Loving it. Will post pic's when I get a chance. Waited a long time for the Diesel in the right color. No regrets for waiting.
  4. Tazer JL - Z Automotive, seeks 3.0D for tests - New York area

    Shot them an e-mail to see if they are still looking for one. John