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  1. California Pillar mount and Procomp flood lights

    Have ZRoad pillar/hood mount and ProComp S4 Gen3 lights flood lights. Installed for a few weeks and decided going with dual mount setup instead. Paid $160 looking for $100 I don't have a pic with the Procomp on the mounts, first pic below are the zroad mount with some Amazon combo...
  2. Diff Cover Upgrade vs Diff Skids vs both?

    Anyone have issues with the Metal Cloak front dif cover/skid combo and Rock Krawler suspension (aka the trackbar in this case)?
  3. List of Differential Skids (front and rear)

    I'm also looking at doing skids as I have it on my old crawler (welded in). My only concern with these JL models is that they are attached to the dif covers. Take a hard hit and mess up an axle bolt could be problematic. Anyone have any issues or concerns?
  4. License Plate mount for Winch Bumper with Hawse fairlead?

    Thats interesting how you mounted it underneath. I looked at it and options, but I have the Warn shackle and its super thick so the cover won't flip down on it. I could put the shackle to the side on recovery points, but don't think it looks clean. I agree with all the above and the only other...
  5. Crystal Rubi build

    Nice job. my RK kit gets installed in 2 weeks (been waiting over 3 months for it now). The tool looks similar to the Rubicon express tool on my TJ lift. When those bushings got warn I would even get clunking like something was loose. Regular maintenance/replacement on them worked well.
  6. 2021 40” Rubicon Diesel Build

    Looks like shit!! Lol - looks great, are you going to try to paint match or do something cosmetic at some point?
  7. Diode Dynamics SS3 Max info

    I have the yellow fog max and I think they are great. Expensive, but noticeable difference vs. other brands (albeit cheaper)
  8. Diode dynamics SS3 pro or?

    Any reason you went with 2 sets of driving vs. throwing some spots in the mix? For others deciding on fogs - I have the yellow fog max and they are awesome. I really like the cutoff on the max and wanted the extra power for the perceived less light with yellow, but better refraction in snow...
  9. Accidental audio improvement with dash speakers and Alpine system

    I added an aftermarket amp and subwoofer (huge improvement over the Alpine sub which I thought was pretty useless). Given that is the case do folks that did the install feel the JL C2 vs the same 3032 is way to go for the soundbar? I'm not planning on replacing the 4" larger speakers as I think...
  10. WARN Zeon Advanced Wireless Winch Controller Issues

    I wish I had read this before picking up this expensive boat anchor. Now since my winch is relatively new I have been able to plug in the remote to actually have it work, but I also have my remote last barely a week due to parasitic loss (with the green warn switch off). I have hardwired my...
  11. California 2021 JLUR Rubicon Diesel takeoff parts

    I got color matched fenders and keeping them. I have been following your build. Nicely done so far. Maybe hookup for a beer when I'm down there getting my build done. PM me if you're close to Rebel Offroad.
  12. Sky Touch roof......

    I love the convenience of it. My 2 other cars are manual roofs and you just don't put it down as much during shoulder seasons. I didn't know you could get a headline for the SOT until you post. Did you find it made a big difference? Anyone else with the headliner added?
  13. 3.0 MODS - Show em off

    Fantastic job. I can't believe how much lower my new Jeep hangs vs my old TJ that I tucked things away.
  14. California 2021 JLUR Rubicon Diesel takeoff parts

    Purchased 2021 Diesel Rubicon Nov 2020, parts taken off between 1000 and 6000 miles I put prices that I thought looked right, but open to appropriate offers if they are priced incorrectly. Will put sold beside items where prices are listed if no longer available. $300 Front & rear springs...
  15. 2021 fix for water dripping into Jeep from top when the door is open?

    Agree with everyone. 2021 with SOT and the water comes inside. Very annoying. Never really noticed it with old Jeep but probably because that has a different top and more rugged. To switch gears on the OP, what I also find annoying given now I have a 4 door is why the rear doors only swing out...
  16. Colorado Adventures Continued (Punk'n JLR)

    Those side lights look interesting. I get a glare off the white paint for from my windshield lights. Any idea who makes them?
  17. So it is Finally Here: Mopar Gorilla Glass Windshield replacement for JL JLU!

    If you have the advance safety package it is $739 for the windshield and $175 to install. Just did it.
  18. 2021 40” Rubicon Diesel Build

    Coming along nicely. Which rear inner/fender liners are you running? Parts wait times are crazy right now. My new diesel build is overland setup, so sticking with 37s, but need JKS coil adjusters and I have a 3 month waiting time. The beast is now weighing in at 6300lbs fully loaded so the rear...
  19. Cracked Windshield Club

    Also in Redwood City. Got a stone chip heading to Tahoe with only 1000 miles on it which then in the morning split into 12" crack. Trying to get a new windshield is a pain as they are on backorder and Safelite has been a disaster