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  1. Is this a DV8 front bumper?

    FS-25 but it's custom painted or powder coated.
  2. Programmers available to enable diff lock in high range?

    So essentially unmarrying prior to service and remarrying after gives the Tazer the opportunity to get the new Software Update as a baseline is my understanding? Seems logical that it would reflash the ROM in the Tazer when you remarry it so sounds like a good practice to me although I'd...
  3. Post Your Cool Random JL pics. Pics. Pics, pics, pics!

    Which Drive in is that in Indiana?
  4. 2020 EJS (Easter Jeep Safari) [Cancelled due to Coronavirus]

    Todd, Do you have the accent lights on your adapts tapped into the DRL's?

    I surprised to hear that considering every aftermarket door allocates for it and specifically the same mirrors.
  6. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    That's how Motorola started, putting record players in cars. Motor for car and rola after Victorola Phonographs.

    There should already be a base on the tube doors to bolt them to.
  8. Spare Tire Carrier

    Rusty's has the most versatile carrier. You can change the lug pattern and it'll carry a 40 inch tire.
  9. Found something under passenger seat

    Doesn't that power the ejection seat?
  10. First real life look at Sarge Green JL [more photos added]

    I think this color would look really cool with some @XPEL stealth PPF on it.
  11. Elvis JOE TO PRO build.

    It's crazy you look at The Terra, Ridge, and Trail Grappler and you see a natural progression but then bam the M/T.
  12. Elvis JOE TO PRO build.

    You can't go wrong with Nitto no matter which one you pick.
  13. Elvis JOE TO PRO build.

    " The Trail Grappler M/T blends some of the performance of the Mud Grappler with the on-road comfort of the Terra Grappler to create an off-road tire that is both aggressive and quiet. For off-road performance, the 3-ply sidewall and thick rubber construction increase puncture resistance. On...
  14. Elvis JOE TO PRO build.

    No they have an actual M/T also and the Trail Grappler is between that and the Terra Grappler. The Ridge Grappler is the A/T and the Trail Grappler is the hybrid apparently.
  15. Elvis JOE TO PRO build.

    They're supposed to in between the Terra Grappler and the M/T.
  16. Elvis JOE TO PRO build.

    If you want a good compromise between on and offroad I think the Trail Grapplers would be the perfect choice for you.
  17. Genesis Offroad Double Battery and ESS 6 Cycle Limit - Anyone with issues?

    You're right to be concerned about any Product you buy however I personally would rather have the dual battery kit as a safe guard on my added accessories than just the stock backup battery. At the very least you know your Jeep will start in the morning.
  18. Dookey's DD

    Nice, Congrats!
  19. Dookey's DD

    You work for Trail Ready Fab don't you?
  20. Dookey's DD

    That's pretty impressive, and how often are you going to do 90 in a Jeep.