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  1. I love my Rubicon - it’s AC, not so much...

    I have zero issues in DFW, TX & I have a soft top...just saying...
  2. Jeep Ducking (Duck Duck Jeep)

    #Ducked in Ft Worth this weekend at a Back the Blue event.
  3. Recall V88 2018-2020 Rear Quarter Windiws

    I’m reading “Rear Quarter Windows” as the 2 side windows, not the back window.
  4. 6” component speakers. Where?

    Would like see a pic of these after install.
  5. Best all around rock sliders that can do it all?

    I’ll be going with Shrockworks. Frame mount without touching the body bolts. An optional step plate is useful as well. Have had these on my Xterra for 10+ years (without top plate) and the powder coat looks like new and no rust...
  6. Anyone have 2 door regret?

    3rd Jeep, 3rd 2-door/stick/soft top. The JL is way better for storage if the rear seat is folded forward. This is obviously not an option with kids, etc...but that’s not my case now. Nothing beats the look of the Original.
  7. 2 Door Exclusive JL Parts

    Shrockworks now has their frame-mount Sliders for the 2-door. I had their stuff on my old Xterra and it's very good stuff. They can be optioned with or without the top plate which can be used as a step.
  8. Technology package worth $1000?

    I love Google Maps and Waze, so it’s a no brainer for me...
  9. How much off MSRP to look for left over 2018s?

    The offer is close, I'd want close to 20% ofg MSRP. I bought my 19 special ordered the way I wanted last December for 9.4% off MSRP. 2018's were about 15% at the time.

    I have the stick as well. If I'm slowing from speed I prefer to down shift to at least 20 mph before pushing in the clutch if stopping. Feel I'm using less brake and feels more natural to me...
  11. Colorado Adventures Continued (Punk'n JLR)

    Nice, what Delete kit did you use and how do you like the sound? I really find the sound on my V6 to be a touch buzzy...
  12. Best way to clean soft top windows?!

    The windows should always be rinsed at a minimum before anything is applied. Always use a clean microfiber with whatever you’re using. With no rear wiper, driving on a wet day quickly makes the rear window nearly useless. I’ll reluctantly use a squeegee at a gas station when necessary.
  13. Sport S or Base Rubicon?

    The ‘19 V6 doesn’t have a BSG...
  14. Sport vs. Rubicon for light off-road use

    A Sport S with the Anti Spin rear diff (LSD) will do everything and more than you’ll likely need. I’d save the $ and go this route given your needs...
  15. Super MPG

    Found the flux capacitor, still looking for the Mr. Fusion to power it....
  16. Soft top question. What do you do with your rear window when you put your soft top down?

    Back and the 2 sides should come out before dropping. Storage bag if doing away from home...just bring the windows inside if initiating at home.
  17. Can you drive with soft top flipped back?

    Sunrider position...soft top should include tie downs also.
  18. SD card? Mounting mudflaps?

    Where are y’all pulling your music from these days? I had been using Apple years ago. Is there some place cheaper these days?
  19. Lettering on grab handle

    Got mine for my Rubi that has the inlay from Amazon. They provided 2 sets so WHEN I screw up the 1st one...
  20. Airport Security Didn't Like my FOB

    Is that a roll of Tums in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?