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  1. Trading in a Power Wagon for a JLR

    Trust me when I tell you, you wont NEED to regear with 35s. The problem with the TJ/Lj auto was the deep OD, .63 or some shit. I had an 05 LJ Rubicon and 5.38s for my 37s. I have 37s on my JL Rubicon and its plenty capable of handling it with little annoyance. 35s will be a great combo for stock...
  2. Front LCA Torque. Torque plus angle or just torque?

    Torque to 190 lb and make sure the Jeep is on the ground and under it’s fall weight before torquing.
  3. Cleaning leather interior

    Griots interior or leather cleaner is great stuff or sonax leather/alcantara cleaner. I use both. All my interior is coated with Cquartz leather coating so it’s real easy to clean
  4. Got my JL ceramic coated today

    30ml is more than enough. I still have a lot left over.

    Being built for Rock Krawler, I assume they valved them to match the springs?
  6. Got my JL ceramic coated today

    I have decided in this time in my life, paint correction is over hahahaha. I used to enjoy the process but having done it so many times and with a newborn, the time and effort isn't worth it for me anymore. On new cars, generally speaking, unless theyre trashed, which I wouldnt accept delivery...
  7. Rubi, 5.13s, auto tranny w/ 37s... anybody running this?

    Most of the graphs are based on 1:1 final drive as well. So there will be variances between the graph and actual real world experience Edit: Here are your gear ratios. Maybe someone good at math can help you calculate what you'd be looking at compared to the graph Gear Ratios: 1st - 4.71 2nd...
  8. AEV Savegre

    Thank you for posting this. I hated the old version but this new version is perfect. I plan on getting these and painting them in areas to get a more custom look. These look awesome on SG
  9. 35" vs 37" Tires (and lift) on a JLRU for Daily Driver at 70-90 mph

    Im running 37s with no lift on my mall crawling Rubicon, for now. I will be doing the Dynatrac lift, but I travel the interstates here and its the same way. 75-80 minimum, I stay right at 75-77 no problem. Im running 37x12.50 Toyo RTs on stock Rubicon wheels, Synergy wheel spacers. Anything...
  10. Motobilt's All New JL Skid Plate System Dropping This Sunday!

    Liking the boat side sliders to! Take all my monies
  11. Michigan Jeep JL Gibson single axel back exhaust. Stainless steel, black, new

    Well you insisted that was my original intention when it wasn't. So mine as well if you accusation is there. Good luck
  12. Michigan Jeep JL Gibson single axel back exhaust. Stainless steel, black, new

    Makes zero sense saying someone can go to Jegs and pay MORE than you're selling it for. You're bitter cause you can't sell a used exhaust at near new pricing. Thing is worth 150-200 max. Get off your high horse and stop thinking everyone is against you and post a realistic price. It may sell then.
  13. Michigan Jeep JL Gibson single axel back exhaust. Stainless steel, black, new

    I think you’re mistaken what I was saying. In your YouTube video, if it was yours, you mentioned it was on Jegs for the best price, which $375 was mentioned. Wasn’t trying to be a dick here but if someone misses out that wants this that Jegs has the best price according to that video. May need a...
  14. Michigan Jeep JL Gibson single axel back exhaust. Stainless steel, black, new

    Think I found a video of this on youtube. Sounds great. Seems we should check Jegs for a great price point
  15. Hope nobody's order is delayed (train carrying new Jeeps derails)

    One Jeep here and there compared to 30+ units is a far different scenario. The money lost isn’t necessarily the cost of the Jeeps, they’re covered. But it’s not as simple as one would think to just throw 30+ Jeeps into the building process.
  16. Installing just lower Control Arms

    General rule is the center the axles first, track bar but it also depends on how the Jeep drives. if you have wandering issues, better to address that with controls arms then the track bars next. Advantage to control arms is getting the correct alignment specs, caster specifically. You can go...
  17. Hope nobody's order is delayed (train carrying new Jeeps derails)

    Why would they do such a thing? Accidents happen, they can’t shut down current builds or ones in que cause of an accident. Sucks but that’s life man. To do what you’re requesting would cost FCA tons of money and time, not to mention piss off a ton of other customers who are in line.
  18. Paying cash

    Just negotiate like you are and then drop the cash
  19. White dots after waxing

    What wax did you use? Sounds like it may not have been mixed. Try washing your Jeep again. Don’t scrub hard you’ll get create marring.