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  1. rusting hinges

    Thanks. Will do.
  2. rusting hinges

    I need to get the Wrangler inspected next month. I will show the dealer the hinges and discuss what to do at that point.
  3. Bubbles in Paint at Door Hinges

    Yep. Just noticed them on my 2018 2.0 door hinges.
  4. Paint Issue

    Just noticed this on two hinges on my 2018 JL Sport. This is referenced elsewhere on the forum as an ongoing problem with the aluminum hinges. Has been happening since 2007. Consensus is it’s a problem with the way the aluminum is anodized. Once the corrosion starts it won't stop even in the...
  5. rusting hinges

    Just noticed this on two of my 2018 Punkin Sport’s hinges. I only have 3600 miles on it and it’s garaged at all times I’m not driving it. Not happy.
  6. Purchasing New Tires!

    Falken WildPeak A/T AT3W
  7. Have your local dealers tapped out?

    This is pretty close to the way I do it too. Been working pretty well for the last few cars I’ve bought. I don’t do the arguing anymore. I know what my trade-in is worth and the difference I’m willing to pay and that’s it.
  8. If they killed off the 2 door WWYD?

    For all who love 4 doors:
  9. Adding a snow plow?

    I emailed Boss. They said they currently do not have an application for the JL. It looks like Snow Dogg has one for the JL however. Don’t know much about that brand.
  10. Post pics of your MUSCLE cars!

    Ha ha! Mini muscles.
  11. Adding a snow plow?

    I had Timbrens put on my plowing Wranglers, no ballast required. The weight was really not a problem.
  12. Adding a snow plow?

    I’ve thought about it. I had two previous Wranglers with a plow, a TJ and a JK. I put Western plows on both after purchasing them new. I plowed a few driveways with them and my own small storage business. They were great little workhorses. Western does not have a setup as of yet for the JL. The...
  13. Anyone leave their soft top on for cold seasons?

    The JL is my third soft top 2 door Wrangler. Here in north central PA the winters can get somewhat nasty. Never had a problem with the tops. When the rear plastic window gets too dirty I use a spray bottle with warm water to hose it down well enough to see out.
  14. The 2Dr Sport Only Thread

    69 years old here. I took mine out first thing. I always do. Like the extra room. It is heavy but doable. The problem I had was that it was a very tight squeeze to get it out and the folding handle broke. Seemed very cheaply made. In any event, the seat is wrapped in plastic now and stored in...
  15. My first time in Canada..

    According to the title of this thread, I thought this was going to be about the poster’s sexual conquests.:CWL:
  16. Cowl covers?

    I put a pair on my 2 door sport. Not crazy about the look but I was getting stone damage on the original plastic cowls and since they are plastic they weren’t repairing so easily.
  17. FCA Recall and good service

    Same here. Stoltz Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, DuBois, PA.