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  1. Steering Fluid dumping at steep angles on the trail

    I don’t think he’s full of it all. Only time we’ve dumped fluid is when we were on stupid steep pitches. We normally only get a bit of residual as well, but we’ve lost nearly everything in the reservoir twice.
  2. Steering Fluid dumping at steep angles on the trail

    Our power steering fluid has been intermittently dumping half or more of the fluid. Tech guy today stated it's common when getting at extreme angles like we do fairly often which explains why it seemed so random. We vary our trail difficulty so our friends with stock rigs can join on some of...
  3. “Wade” ‘18 Firecracker red Deadpool build

    So far... Suspension 3.5” Rock Krawler Series 3 X-Factor Rock Krawler RRD shocks Wheels & Tires 37x12.5r17 BFG KM3 Tires. (Trying Milestar Patagonia next) Cheapo pro Comps (temporary) Steering Steer Smarts XD tie Rod Steer Smarts Griffin drag link Steer Smarts steering stabilizer...
  4. Broken Front Locker Harness

    The post was a year old so I'm creating a new one as I doubt those people will see my question. My husband didn't disconnect the front locker harness yesterday installing the lift kit. In his defense the instructions didn't mention it. The wires broke off flush with the plug, so the pin reset...
  5. Broken front locker connector.

    I hope you're still here to answer this. Where did you get the wire harness. My husband did this yesterday, the wires broke flush with the plug, and every so called replacement part is only a 2 wire harness vs the 4 wire we actually have.
  6. Nitrogen in Tires. Worth it?

    I specified my dealer swap nitrogen out for air when I bought it. Was an absolute pita when I got my JK that way and I couldn’t get them to hold correct pressure until I stopped mixing & just drained & refilled. Pavement princess may be ok, but I play with my Jeep & I need to be able to...
  7. 37 Open Country RT No Lift

    I’m glad you posted this. The wheels/tires are going to beat the lift here so I was wondering if I’d be able to keep my tire appointment. New shoes going on Tuesday, lift should be here shortly after and with the long weekend shouldn’t be any problem getting it installed.
  8. Tire Decisions!

    We just ordered 37x12.50x17’s today. I didn’t want milestar because it’s a softer tire and won’t last as long. It’s my daily driver in Tucson & these hot roads eat tires fast so soft tire is out for me. We were going to get Cooper MTP but they don’t make it in that size anymore. We’ve ran...