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  1. List of Chrysler MS-12991 Engine Oil for the 3.0 EcoDiesel Jeep Wrangler

    W What is considered a seriously low oil pressure?
  2. Oil Analysis Results After 10k+ Miles With Factory Fill Oil

    You do you buddy. Nothing arbitrary about it. A 12k interval gives you zero chance to catch a problem before damage is done.
  3. Oil Analysis Results After 10k+ Miles With Factory Fill Oil

    I learned many years ago that oil changes are cheap insurance. On a car the savings isn’t that big of a deal, however, with 9 qts of synthetic and a $90 oil filter that’s not the case with the 3.0. But still, in the big scheme of things, extra oil changes aren’t going to bankrupt me and given...
  4. First Diesel Oil Change

    Yup! My local Jeep dealer.
  5. First Diesel Oil Change

    Decided to have my oil changed at 1200miles because I’m going on a road trip in a few weeks and my Jeep was already in having the radio replaced. The oil change was free but says the oil filter is $90!!!! Someone is high as [email protected]&k!!!!
  6. 2020 Diesel - too soon to buy?

    The diesel is the powerplant that was made for the Wrangler. I’ve had the 3.6 and 3.8 and the 3.0 is an absolute dream and I have 37s with stock gearing. I’m not paying any attention to the mpg. I couldn’t care less because every time I’m in it i mash the pedal because i love the pull and my...
  7. 1st oil change for diesel?

    I’m an every 5k oil change guy with only full synthetic. While modern day oils may be able to last longer, it’s the contaminants that need to be removed and ensure the longevity of the motor. I agree completely with your dad!
  8. Touchscreen not Responsive

    i pushed all of fuses in after I purchased the vehicle. I will say that AT LEAST 75% of them were not fully inserted. This isn’t that. This is a gremlin of some sort that keeps coming and going.
  9. Touchscreen not Responsive

    yes, I do plan on visiting my dealership. When I got in this morning everything was fine again and then after about 30 minutes it did it again. Thx.
  10. Touchscreen not Responsive

    Infotainment unit started acting up the other day. Driving down the road and it just started flashing a message off and on about this option not available while driving or something to that effect. It did it for the next 20 min til I got to my destination. Turned vehicle off and did my thing...
  11. Scarcity?

    Dealers couldn’t “stock” them. They were special order only. I’m not sure if that’s still the case now but that was the deal recently.
  12. Rubicon Diesel

    I’ve been reading on FB for about a month that the diesel is no longer an option for the 2020 Rubicon.
  13. Tan Bikini, Windjammer and Tonneau for JLU?

    Not the news that I wanted to hear. Thanks for the response.
  14. Tan Bikini, Windjammer and Tonneau for JLU?

    I already have a tan soft top.
  15. Tan Bikini, Windjammer and Tonneau for JLU?

    Anyone know if or where I can get a tan bikini for my new JLU? I’ve got punkn with a factory tan soft top and I’d like all of my other accessory tops to be tan too. I see Bestop has custom tops for the JK but I don’t see that option for the JL. I’ve emailed Bestop twice over the past couple of...
  16. Diesel engine any good?

    not correct on the EGR & DPF unless you mean MOPAR specifically won’t offer a warranty to cover it. I just picked mine up this week and got a 5/75 extended warranty that covers everything except wear items like brake pads. It is going to be warranty-provider specific.
  17. Start of 3.0 Production

    do you like it?
  18. Start of 3.0 Production

    Tom, Put me down as delivered. Ordered 1-25-20 and delivered on 3-25-20. Awesome vehicle!
  19. Start of 3.0 Production

    all of these definitive closure dates are ridiculous. I don’t know why government and businesses aren’t saying until further notice. I anticipate big changes on these initiatives in the next 2 weeks at most.