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  1. Owners show off your new 4xe!

    really wish mine came with the steel bumpers :(
  2. Will floor mats fit in back?

    nice - curious how much these go for? I called my local dealer and they said the part number is for carpet mats
  3. Any news on money factors and residuals on 4xe leases?

    that seems high if the residual is at 72%. Seems like they are adding some hidden fees.
  4. Delaware Mopar Premium Twill JL Hardtop (4 Door)

    Selling Mopar Premium Soft Top that came with my EcoDiesel. Had it for a month but took it off and sold the wrangler. Everything is Mint condition with windows in box and all parts put together already for easy bolt on installation. Located around the Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey Region. $1200
  5. Delaware Fab Fours JL Full Tube Doors Front+Rear with Mirrors (Pair) (Factory Painted White)

    These doors will completely transform the look of your Jeep. I have a set of new Fab Four JL/JT Tube doors front and rear custom painted White to match a Rubicon from factory. They go over $1400 a pair each and unpainted. The set includes mirror brackets with mirrors for peace and mind as well...
  6. 4xe Lift Kit?

    no issues I just decided to sell after one year since I got a very good offer.
  7. 4xe Lift Kit?

    Starting the conversation regarding the lift kits. What’s going to be available? Is Mopar releasing the lift kit for the PhEV? I remember when I got my diesel I installed the Mopar lift kit from 3.6 and had really no issues even up until I sold it last month. I wonder if it will be the same for...
  8. Any news on money factors and residuals on 4xe leases?

    I was able to get a lease of $550 after tax credit with $0 down and EP pricing on a 63k msrp 4XE Rubicon.
  9. Owners show off your new 4xe!

    Sold my diesel JLRU and picked this bad boy up!
  10. Delaware 2020 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon EcoDiesel

    Selling my Rubicon after 7 months with only 4500 miles! Truly one of a kind JLUR with all the bells and whistles special ordered from factory including the new EcoDiesel engine! I have a full list of Mods and extra items I will list below as well as the factory sticker. This is going to be one...
  11. 3.0 MODS - Show em off

    Fab Four JL Full Doors painted white.
  12. Fab Four JL full tube door problems?

    Hey sorry I got my doors and am running into the same issues. Can you tell me if you were able to fix it ?
  13. PRP Seat Covers

    You have to call them directly. Ask for Tiffany in customer reps.
  14. PRP Seat Covers

    They did. I believe it was an additional 50 bucks.
  15. Seat covers over leather seats...

    I got the PRP seat covers over my factory leather on my JLUR.
  16. PRP Seat Covers

    Loving these seats day by day. Definitely recommend!
  17. JLU Rear Seat Removal

    Anyone know how to remove the armrest in the rear seat? The arm rest with the cup holders.
  18. 3.0 MODS - Show em off

    Installed PRP Red Seats over the weekend