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  1. Redbird, Indiana

    I have a trip planned to Redbird. Has anyone that has been there verify if they had cell phone reception? (I have four kids and don’t want to be too far out of pocket). A Garmin inReach is in my future, but not quite yet.
  2. Burger Motorsports JB4 Install with pics

    *I am not a master technician. More of a weekend warrior with some garage skills from years of owning Jeeps and other cars. When looking to install a JB4 tuner, I couldn't find much. Although the install is rather straight forward, I wanted to share my mounting solution. Not that it matters...
  3. Building up a spacer lift?

    I've heard good things about the icon shocks. My buddy has a stage 2 setup. He says the ride is amazing.
  4. Building up a spacer lift?

    This was kind of my thought as well. In my mind it made sense. Lol. I just wanted to see if anyone else had done something similar. Eventually I will be doing a full lift, I am just trying out a few heights to see where I want to end up.
  5. Building up a spacer lift?

    Hey guys. I recently added a 2.5" spacer lift. It had the pucks and longer control arms, but no shocks or coils. Here is my question: I recently picked up a set of fox shocks for cheap. Would it make sense for me to swap out my already existing rubicon shocks with these? I assume I would...
  6. Hauk Offroad bumper and tire carrier

    This looks amazing! I ordered the color matched front bumper, bull bar, and skid plate.
  7. Pics of Rubicon decals removed?

    Thanks all! So far, those look great. I think I’m gonna do it.
  8. Pics of Rubicon decals removed?

    Hey guys and gals. Long story short, I had a wheeling "challenge" and ripped off a portion of my hood Rubicon decal. So, I took a hot air gun to it and pulled off the badging. Before I replace that side, I am curious as to if anyone is rolling around without any rubicon badging on the hood...
  9. Sky One Touch Headliner?

    Same here 😅
  10. Sky One Touch Headliner?

    It doesn't look to have added any additional height whatsoever. That's interesting. Cool!
  11. Hotheads For Sky One Touch

    Would you say that the added thickness being folded along with the top itself adds to the overall height of the folds when retracted? Hopefully my question makes sense. Lol
  12. KC HiLites - What products of theirs did you install?

    I just subscribed to your Jeep Generation Youtube channel! @YoungMoneyFishing
  13. Rock Light Suggestion

    I have the JL300 and installed over the weekend. Install was a breeze. I ran the lead wire through my firewall grommet. It was super easy. I am not an electrical guy. I have done a lot of mods requiring mechanical work, but not much wiring. Guys this was easy. Plus a FRACTION of the S Pod...
  14. Borla Exhaust for the Jeep Wrangler JL 2.0L

    This was crazy. I ordered mine on Quadratec at 2:30 on June 10th afternoon. It was on my front porch June 12th. . Plus, I called and mentioned this forum and he gave me 10% off. I paid $351.49 shipped and had it in two days.
  15. Brand Build Stickers

    I have seen some Jeeps over the years where people have displayed brand stickers of companies that they have used for their individual build components. I realize some have been sponsored and are required to display these, and sometimes people are not. More specifically, I am interested in the...
  16. Sky One Touch roof rack!

    I would think so. I run a Yakima basket and fishing rod vault at all times. It has to be 100 lbs or so.
  17. Sky One Touch roof rack!

    It has worked perfectly. I have yet to take them off for over a year with zero issues.
  18. Borla Exhaust for the Jeep Wrangler JL 2.0L

    I just installed mine as well. Honestly the Borla is perfect to me. The cold start is loud but it dies down and I really don’t notice it much with NORMAL driving. When I get on it, the sound is there right where you want it. So, for me I would say the stock was a 2 and the Borla Touring is a...
  19. Borla Exhaust for the Jeep Wrangler JL 2.0L

    I found this on Youtube