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  1. HELLA YELLA Wrangler JL Club

    I've always been partial to non-black colors from a heat perspective. I have a white alien shade from my previous JL that has been serviceable for now, but I've also been sniffing around getting a replacement. It doesn't hurt that the front bungee clips broke when i tried to get them off the fronts.
  2. Suntek Ultra-Matte PPF on Sarge Green + Green protective rings + Red Removal on JLR

    Hello from Ashburn, that thing looks fantastic! I hope to catch a glimpse of it on the road sometime.
  3. Front Track Bar replacement question - 2021 JL

    This is hysterical. Through the whole story I was thinking of my own experience that almost 100% mirrors this experience. My wife drives an XC90, but my jeep gets 99% of the family mileage. We took the Volvo on a recent 45 minute drive, and my muscle memory had the Volvo swaying back and forth...
  4. HELLA YELLA Wrangler JL Club

    I think you’d be surprised how resolved people are in their respective camps. Soft top folk are die hard convertible lovers, and some hard toppers never ever remove the freedom tops. I’m sure there’s a good number in the middle of the ven diagram (dual toppers!) too. I think it boils down to...
  5. Virginia Factory take off 2019 JLUR suspension and Mopar 2” lift kit

    How much or the mopar 2" lift without the stock Rubicon bits?
  6. Virginia $200 - Teraflex Alpha HD Adjustable Spare Tire Mounting Kit

    Sure am. My handle is the same over there too, but I’m more of the lurker type. I can’t even tell you how many positive reactions I get from the Nova Jeepers face mask too. People seem to love it and usually have nice comments about the club and keeps in general. It’s also a nice fabric and...
  7. Can we discuss sun shades? Best with top on.

    I’m curious, why not a bungee option?
  8. Icon Vehicle Dynamics Suspension Stages Explained

    Please report back with your caster reading!
  9. Is Anyone Using a Rollbar Sunscreen/cargo net For Storage?

    Sorry to hear about the crack, that really sucks! I've used the Alien Sunshade in two jeeps now, and its been a champ for storing things on top of the rear shade. I usually have the rear one on year round, and only attach the front 'as needed'. The shade is tighter than an actual attic, so you...
  10. Who else is waiting for Spring to sprung?

    I’m with Ted. Bring on the spring!
  11. Hella Yella Rookie Build

    From one hella to another, nice build! But really... you aren't going to tell us what's in that box in the above picture? IS IT A JEEP PART? :rock: What do you think of the AEV lift? Looks like it just went on not that long ago, but I'd be curious in your quick reads so far.
  12. 2021 JLU Oil Pan / Transmission Skid Plate Availability

    Hey @ASFIR4X4 any idea if your existing transmission/engine skid will fit with these changes?
  13. 2021 Rubicon Longer Mopar Lower Control Arms

    +1 on an impact wrench. My advice is to keep an eye on SlickDeals and wait for a deal to pop up on a Ridgid one. I scooped up a Gen5X Octane 1/2” impact (tool only, though I already swim in Ridgid battery ecosystem) for about $65. Well worth the money, even if it’s a niche tool. I think new at...
  14. 2021 Rubicon Longer Mopar Lower Control Arms

    Let us know what you think post swap. I’m curious if the 2021s gain as much as earlier model years from the LCA swap.
  15. Icon Vehicle Dynamics Suspension Stages Explained

    Reclassing your front upper arms? Please keep us posted on your new caster post alignment!
  16. My ROAM 2-Door Rock Rails/Steps/Sliders Feedback / Review

    How did your coating hold up over the last few months? Any adhesion problems with the hercurline?
  17. Rugged Ridge XHD Rock Sliders

    Any feedback on these now that you've had them a while? Good protection from rocks and wheeling?