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  1. 2.0 Turbo owners what octane are you using?

    Costco (Kirkland) 92 octane. Side note: I perceived an increase in pep/throttle response once I refueled from the dealer supplied tank of gas, whatever that was.
  2. What did you name your Jeep JL?

    2021 2 door Sarge Green Willys. His name is Bailey
  3. SARGE GREEN Wrangler JL Club

    Looks just like mine.....only clean! I had a lot of fun with mine during the last snow storm and haven't washed him yet :rock:
  4. Don’t forget Bonusdrive money

    Thanks for the reminder! Took delivery last week.
  5. Raidions of Monroe Washington don’t buy there at any cost

    It's not just their Jeep dealerships, it's the entire Rairdon's Auto Group. I've bought many vehicles in my life and Rairdon's Honda of Sumner was the absolute worst experience I've ever had....Ever. I made an appointment to test drive a 2020 6 speed Civic sport they had listed on their site...
  6. Willys cold weather package

    Took delivery of my 2 door Willys last week. I sort of waffled back and forth about this exact issue, but eventually ordered the CWP with the required convenience package. I'm in the PNW, and I'm using that remote start and heated seats/steering wheel every day this time of year. Glad I didn't...
  7. ∞ Special Delivery! | What do YOU have coming in the mail for your Rig?! ∞

    Items in this shipment 2018-2021 Jeep Wrangler JL (2 Door) Hard Top Headliner Kit × 1 Yes add rear side window panels / Yes add Sound Assassin Strips / Graphite Didn't win the contest, but got a nice discount. Should be here next week. Already have a Shorty antenna installed and...
  8. 100 mile review

    I think it's hit or miss with the fuses. I had read that also, so it was the 1st thing I checked when I got home. All the fuses and relays were A-ok. Good thing you checked though. Probably saved yourself a few unnecessary headaches.
  9. 100 mile review

    Took delivery of my 2 door Willys last Thursday. Have about 250 miles on him so far. Here's a couple of notes for you. - My tires came with 41psi. I dropped it down to 37 and could definitely tell the difference. - My steering is tight compared to the 2020 sport I test drove. That one had about...
  10. 2021 Willys LED Headlights?

    Took delivery of my 2 door Willys on Thursday. LED Headlights and Fog Lights are friggin awesome! Cheers! Landog
  11. Struggling with trading in my Z.

    Great story and right on point! My Wrangler showed up Thursday and I couldn't be any happier! Its rained every day since, and I could care less. My only regret is that I didn't get the jeep bug a long time ago. Cheers! Landog
  12. Check your fuses on new JL deliveries!

    Thanks! The Tire pressure wasn't a huge deal, but I live in the PNW and my Willys came with Firestone M/Ts, and it was raining as usual up here. At 41 psi it was just a tad squirrely 🙃. Didn't want to flip him on the drive home. Cheers!
  13. Check your fuses on new JL deliveries!

    Took delivery of my Willys yesterday. All fuses were seated and good to go. Tire pressure was at 41 though.
  14. Willys Edition JL Club Thread

    I don't know Kathy from Tacoma Jeep. I bought from Bud Clary up in Auburn. I know what you mean about mods!. I've got a shorty antenna and a fuel door ready to go on! Cheers! Landog
  15. Willys Edition JL Club Thread

    Have been waiting a month to bring him home. Finally! Cheers! Landog
  16. SARGE GREEN Wrangler JL Club

    IT'S NEW JEEP DAY!!!! Ordered on 12/28/2020, He was originally designated for a dealer in Portland, OR, but I managed to get him diverted up here to Tacoma. Its like Christmas all over again! Cheers! Landog
  17. The final steps on pick-up...

    He was nice, but tried to sell me everything, including - GAP insurance. I had 8k equity on my trade and put another 10k down. I literally laughed. He got the hint and laughed too. Lets see what I remember: GAP insurance Extended Warranty Paint Protection Seat and Carpet Protection Extended...
  18. Struggling with trading in my Z.

    So, I guess you're talking to me! This is my 2020, yes, 2020 Honda Civic Sport 1.5L Turbo with a 6 speed manual. Its a hoot to drive, gets over 35 MPG and has all the bells and whistles. I bought it last year as my commuter car that's fun to drive. And it is. It really is. But I realized...
  19. Willys Edition JL Club Thread

    Perfect! Thanks for such a thoughtful response. :rock: One more week of waiting!:fingerscrossed: