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  1. Successful 1200 mile Northeast Adventure

    I have the 6 speed manual with the 3.6. I had about 3000 miles when we left and drove from NJ to South Carolina.
  2. Successful 1200 mile Northeast Adventure

    Wow, I just did an interstate trip with my JLUR and I got around 19mpg average. I thought that was great. mid 20s is amazing for a wrangler.
  3. What happens when the axle lock sensor fails?

    Haha, I was thinking the same thing. But then again, the Willys has the LSD in the rear which seems to also have problems. Plus, the 4.10 gears are so much better to have over the 3.45s. I'm hoping this sensor issue is not as common as it seems on the forum. Also, Jeep sells a lot of...
  4. Throttle Surge

    Ok, I figured it might be normal. It just seemed to rev higher than other vehicles I have had.
  5. Throttle Surge

    I have the 3.6 v6 with manual transmission. I paid a little more attention today. If I coast to a stop in neutral, the engine does rev to around 1800 rpm when I depress clutch and shift to neutral. Then when I gently depress the brake, rpms drop to normal idle. Then when I am at a complete...
  6. Throttle Surge

    On my 2021 JLUR - Since I got it, I noticed that it has a throttle surge at idle. It happens when it is cold and I press the brake pedal in. It revs up to around 2k rpm then slowly drops down. I have a manual transmission if that makes a difference. I typically shift to neutral at a stop sign...
  7. Stock tire size setting for Rubicon

    Yes, you need to pay for the license to allow it to make changes - it is around $21
  8. Stock tire size setting for Rubicon

    yeah, they calculate to 33” but with some tir The one on the right - BLE 4.0
  9. Stock tire size setting for Rubicon

    The jscan website tells you the recommended adapters. You need two: 1. OBD II bluetooth adapter - Vgate iCar Pro LE is recommended - about $30 2. Chrysler security bypass cable - Autel chrysler 12+8 - about $40 there are pics and instructions on how to connect the adapter and cable on the...
  10. Stock tire size setting for Rubicon

    Also, to clarify - when I was originally measuring my tires, I didn’t use a level and measured to the tallest spot on the sidewall which was around 32” When I set it to that, the speedo was further off(showing around 2mph slower than actual speed) with the level, I measured the tallest spot on...
  11. Stock tire size setting for Rubicon

    I ended up with 33” on jscan. The tires with around 39psi in them measure about 32.75” when I measure from the ground up tot he tallest point(I used a level on the center of tire) However, when I set it to that, the speedo was about 1 mph slow at 70mph(read 69 on speedo). When set at 33”, the...
  12. The clutch gang!

    Yellow on the JLUR looks great! I debated yellow vs red when I ordered mine. The yellow is nice with the contrast for the red around the writing. Also, it is much rarer to see. btw, regarding this thread. I also have a manual trans on my JLUR and my wife's JLUS does as well. I like the...

    If you do decide to swap out the steps and want some takeoff Rubicon rock rails, let me know. I have some new takeoffs from my 2021 JLUR.

    Ride quality is great, very similar to stock. Only issue was the gearing, it has a manual transmission and with the 33s she could no longer use 6th and rarely 5th. Just had it regeared to 4.10s and that fixed the gearing issue. If you have an auto trans, it would probably be fine with stock gears.

    pic of her Sahara for reference:

    Rubicon takeoff springs and shocks with 33s on those wheels or with Rubi takeoff wheels/tires is a great combo. I did that on my wife’s Sahara and I actually think it looks better than my Rubicon. The 33s perfectly fill the fenders where the rubicon with raised fenders almost needs 35s to look...
  17. Recall Notice 21V-028 [1/28/21]: Manual Transmission / Clutch Overheat Covers All 2018-2021 Jeep Wranglers Produced by January 22, 2021

    Ok, I was hoping that it was part of the update. I feel like the ESS never worked well with the manual trans. For example, If quickly shifting into first at a light, it would have trouble and flash a warning light. Plus the extra wear on. The starter, etc...
  18. Recall Notice 21V-028 [1/28/21]: Manual Transmission / Clutch Overheat Covers All 2018-2021 Jeep Wranglers Produced by January 22, 2021

    I just had the recall software update done yesterday. The Jeep drives the same. The 2 main things that I have noticed are that the gear is now displayed and the ESS no longer seems to do anything. I even tested it by idling in a parking space after driving to work today. I am happy about it...
  19. Do you prefer a black or body coloured hardtop?

    I like the black top especially on bright color JLs. I like the contrast.