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  1. New JL Steering Issue TSB 08-074-20 (for "Improved Steering Feel")

    They had my ‘18 JLU for a week and a half! 😱
  2. Soft Top - Stream of water when opening door during rain?

    You JEEPers kill me! Seriously, you can find gutter extensions on Amazon but 1) they are only for the hardtops and 2) according to the reviews they don’t adhere properly. Like it or lump it, I guess!
  3. Wrong Steering Gear Installed for TSB 08-074-20

    Happy to report that, although I did pay $80 plus labor for the tire balancing, I finally have the Jeep that I should have had in 2018 when I first bought it. My Jeep is fixed! I mean really, truly FIXED! No more wandering steering! No more two inch dead spot in the center! No more driving...
  4. Wrong Steering Gear Installed for TSB 08-074-20

    Sorry - let me clarify - I'm picking my 2018 JLU up tomorrow after it has the new TSB for wandering steering performed. That TSB includes an alignment as part of the services listed. I also had them do an oil change and tire rotation. I wanted them to balance the tires as well, which I...
  5. Wrong Steering Gear Installed for TSB 08-074-20

    Hi, Folx! :) I pick up my Jeep tomorrow and I’m hoping it’s all good. Will let you know. BUT I have one question. I also had them do an oil change and tire rotation as well as the alignment that’s required by the new TSB (originally they said the alignment wasn’t necessary). The service...
  6. Wrong Steering Gear Installed for TSB 08-074-20

    Hi! Would you be so kind as to post the full TSB - I can’t find it online and my ‘18 JLU is at the dealer (again) to try to resolve the steering wander and off-center issues. Thanks in advance for your help! :)
  7. New JL Steering Issue TSB 08-074-20 (for "Improved Steering Feel")

    Hi! Thanks so much for all of this info. My ‘18 JLU has been at the dealership since Monday and I won’t have it back until early next week. This will be my second attempt to address the wandering steering. I’m really hoping it works - I regularly spend three hours at a time highway driving...
  8. The FIX for the drip rail water leaking that anyone can do

    Hi there! :) Does this work with the premium soft top?
  9. New JL Steering Issue TSB 08-074-20 (for "Improved Steering Feel")

    What exactly did they “do” to “fix” it?! Come on now, you must have known that someone would ask! :)
  10. New JL Steering Issue TSB 08-074-20 (for "Improved Steering Feel")

    That’s odd. My dealership has had my ‘18 JLU since last Thursday. I printed out the TSB and brought it with me to give to the service manager. They said they ordered the parts and will perform the TSB services this week. I should have my Jeep back on Friday. Why would they say they’re doing...
  11. Brand new and disappointed

    Same thing happened to me. 2018 Sahara JLU 2.0. Luckily I was literally right around the corner from my dealer when it happened - I was heading there cuz the check engine light wouldn’t turn off for six weeks and a bunch of other non-debilitating electrical issues kept popping up. Unluckily...
  12. I got a lemon JL?

    My 2018 Sahara JL had the same bizarre set of crazy electronic mishaps all at once in the middle of the last intersection before I reached the dealer. I was taking it in cuz the check engine light had been on for six weeks and they (dealer) kept telling me it would go off. Well, it didn’t and...
  13. V41 recall - parts not available at any dealer in my area

    I’m on the Jersey Shore and when I called to make the V41 appointment I was told that I’d be added to a list because Chrysler limited the dealership to ordering only 5 sets of parts per month?! @JeepCares
  14. Anyone seen CEL with code 0037?

    I wouldn’t wait. When I was on my way to the dealer to have this addressed again my JLU had a total fit: just before reaching a major intersection the Jeep lost steering, brakes, all sorts of warnings displayed on the screen, the infotainment system shut down and I had to use the hand break to...
  15. JLU Trektop NX or wait?

    Hey there! Why get the BT when it doesn’t go all the way down and has a buttload of problems? I got a Mopar Tan Soft Top Premium Twill for my 2018 JLU from CJ Pony Parts (about $1800 with a coupon code) and I absolutely love it. Every nice day I drive with it in sunrider position or fully...
  16. In-channel vent visor window deflector

    Hey there! I ended up having to return those exact visors. Three out of four were no problem but I couldn’t get the visor seated properly in the driver’s window channel. And I tried everything! So back they went and I installed the exterior ones instead. Good luck!
  17. What new features would you like to see on the 2020 JL?

    First time JeepGrrrrl here with a 2018 Sahara JLU in Mojito with lots of inexpensive int/ext red trim mods. My wishlist would include many items already mentioned by others on this thread but I’d also like to see: 1) above-door rain channels that actually channel the rain away from the vehicle...