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  1. Hi-Lift JLU Wrangler Build [SEMA 2019]

    More info on the green Hi-lift jack...
  2. Hiding the FOB while hiking

    Here's a better one
  3. Rugged Ridge JL/JT Snorkel kit installed

    Is there something in the cowl airbox to prevent water from going into the intake?
  4. Mopar CAI kit installed on JL today. Feedback / review.

    I also like the fact that the RR CAI is back on the cowl away from the front of the hood where water can get in easier on a river crossing. Add to that the lack of snorkel intake along the hood when you are in snorkel mode and I'd say it's the winner. The Mopar CAI does look good though and the...
  5. Rides that confuse your friends

    True. The general public is not into Jeeps and uses the word the same as Band-Aid and Kleenex. So when they see a boxy 4x4 they lump it into the Jeep category. Sidekicks, Isuzu, Mitsubishi, and I've even heard people call older Bronco's with no roof a Jeep.
  6. The Jeep Tent from Mopar

    And when its cold you can turn on the jeep for heat...:facepalm: It is a budget option for "Overlanding" for sure. Way cheaper than an RTT. Nice review!
  7. Ideas on mounting the GoPro outside the Jeep.

    Edit in a sound track and only include audio clips you want. No one wants to hear chat or engine sounds for the whole vid
  8. handheld CB radio

    In Canada CB is not regulated. HAM, UHF, VHF, HF is regulated
  9. New Products for JLs

  10. What is you favorite off road magazine?

    I still like a good magazine. I prefer Tread and Wheels Afield. They have the latest trend in cover material which is more durable for camp reading and bathroom reading. I'm trying to wean myself off of so much screen time. A traditional magazine still works for me.
  11. HOT TAKE: Roof Top Tents are Lame and "Overlanding" is a Fad

    I like things and I like doing stuff. Am I wrong?
  12. What's this doo-hicky?

    That info-graphic nails it
  13. Newbie question about the spare on the back of the Wrangler

    If you go off road you want a matching spare. Rotate it through. Where I go there is no roadside assistance or calling for help. If you aren't wheeling with others, you are on your own. Even then you need to be self sufficient. Don't rely on others to get you out.
  14. Ive just got the Snorkel Kit from Mopar

    If You look at the Mopar equiped Gladiator it has a vent installed into the hood cutout where the snorkel would go.