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  1. Jeep Apologists

    Wow 3 thousand service free miles. That has to be a record.
  2. Jeep Apologists

    I am guessing they do not get driven much.
  3. FCA Projects 2019 JL Sales Down from 2018

    Yeah but it still counts. Nuclear is about 20% of US power.
  4. FCA Projects 2019 JL Sales Down from 2018

    Well, you forgot to add wind, water and sun to your list. Not sure if it was intentionally done or not.
  5. Free oil change, you get what you pay for!

    No, just a comment. Oil changes take about 30 minutes and very little effort. No need to worry about missing a sporting event, which is really pretty worthless in the grand scheme of things. You can teach your kid more by sharing an oil change with them.
  6. Oil Change on first 1000 miles

    There are consequences to changing the oil type from the one recommended. It takes longer to bring the combustion chamber to operating temp and it alters how the variable valve timing works. Could mess up the CATS too. I doubt its harmful if the cold temp flow number is still close.
  7. Jeep Super Bowl Commercial

    That whole 3 hours was a waste of time.
  8. Interest rates

    Yes, that was on a car note of $2500 and homes where 15k.
  9. Cleaning/Protecting the JL

    There is a video on you tube that recommends buying rubber strips that go between the fender and body panel where debris collects and scratches the hell out of the area. The rubber prevents stuff from collecting in that area.
  10. Critters eating your wires are not covered under warranty.....

    I dont like using anything with poison in it. I do not really want to expose myself and others to that crap. The industry that produces that stuff knows that its the human death by a thousand cuts.
  11. Critters eating your wires are not covered under warranty.....

    Has anyone tried using a wire loom? Or will they try to get through that too?
  12. 2019 Steering Problems #metoo

    This guy provided some good insight on the issue. The whole video is pretty interesting and the death wobble remedy is new to me
  13. Be Cautious with ESS

    With comments like "you mean driving" I guess we will be seeing a bunch of ESS equipped vehicles with passenger front end damage soon from trying to beat traffic. I hate making left turns where I live now.
  14. Steering wheel locking up

    So there is a TSB to fix this, which the dealership did not know about and the buyer had to pay for a part for a poorly diagnosed problem? I know they claimed a dent, but really?
  15. Perforated leather on 19 Sahara Unlimited

    That is called insanity. Has the art of deductive reasoning been removed from peoples brains at birth? The dealership is connected to the manufacture and should have their own support line to call when things like this occur. Heck the salesman could even try another pc to see if that works.
  16. Lemon Law Rights / What Would You Do?

    I understand. Salesman are like politicians during election time. I follow actions, not words.
  17. Lemon Law Rights / What Would You Do?

    Trade it in somewhere. Everyone there needs a beating. No use in wasting any additional time with them.
  18. "Warmed Up" - new Jeep JL Wrangler commercial delivers motivational message

    I will wait to see how of all the newly praised equipment holds up over the next years. Moving forward is good when the product equals the praise it is awarded. Their message is similar to the peter pan principle.
  19. Vehicle insurance when modified

    Why would they ask anything? It is in their interest to collect a monthly payment based on the VIN provided. They wont simply cover what you added unless it is known to them. If you keep receipts for the regular maintenance that was done that will help ensure that you get the max if something...