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  1. Steering TSB

    @PNW_JL who was your advisor and what's your story? I've not been so lucky and after many visits to AutoNation and still have a wobbly 2" deadspot in my steering.
  2. JLUR stock suspension, stock wheels, will 35’s fit without rubbing at full flex?

    Couple videos of the KO2 315/70r17s so it's not exactly 35". You can decide if they're full flex and make your own judgement. 4 Door: 2 Door:
  3. Steering worse after TSB fix.

    @californiajeeping on your print out is the code 70F or 70FA? Mine has the extra 'A'. I'm also dissatisfied after the TSB was performed and wrote up the worse feel in this post.
  4. Steering TSB

    Latest Summary: My steering is now confirmed on sales code 70FA and undoubtedly worse than before the TSB :headbang: My experience with dealer was not perfectly smooth but they made it right I'm not sure what can be done still, perhaps @JeepCares can inform? What took so long? Two weeks ago...
  5. Installed: 37s with NO LIFT on JLUR

    @Varilux nice setup. I like the stance. Did you just add stackable spacers to go from 1.5" to 2"? I'm thinking of lifting 2" with either AEV kit or Pro Comp kit.
  6. Steering TSB

    Got mine back this evening and went for quick test run. Unfortunately the steering deadspot did not get addressed and may be ever so slightly worse. My service rep is very easy to work with and willing to help so I'm going to follow up with him in the coming days. I can confirm the trackbar did...
  7. New Raptor Load Range C 37s?

    I also noticed the KO2 37" on the Raptor is load range 'C'. It is clearly legible in the Motor Trend video. It's exciting to have load C options in 37s. Wouldn't it be nice if it was also lighter and cheaper than the load range 'D' 37s currently available? Will have to wait and see. Source...
  8. Steering TSB

    @MrBell I have appointment to drop off my 2018 JLR tomorrow morning at AutoNation Bellevue to get steering TSB done. I can let you know my thoughts after. My steering deadspot/wandering is mostly noticeable on highway. So I don't expect to have thoughts to share until after weekend skiing where...
  9. How is the standard 7-inch radio/head unit?

    I have the 7" unit in my 2018 JLR. I also went this route to keep my options budget in check. The other reason was the 8.4" comes with a subwoofer but on the 2 door it takes up the entire storage well beneath the cargo area. With such a small trunk couldn't give up the precious storage. This...
  10. Soft Top window blowing out

    @JDJones and @FormerF150Owner are right on the money in describing the issue as well as pinpointing the fix. I'm trying JDJones' fix, hope it works. I picked up the same copper part from Home Depot JDJones used. But I saw a similar PVC part so got that too. Both of them together was under $1...
  11. Soft Top window blowing out

    My 2 Door premium top has the same problem many reported. The 'C' channel on the side panel is far too weak and slides off the rod regularly. It has only impacted the passenger side for me. Luckily my panel has never completely flown off while driving. This problem started a few months after I...
  12. Installed: 37s with NO LIFT on JLUR

    @HeavyUser nice setup. How’d the spacers work out. Any rubbing including when stuffed?
  13. Rugged Ridge Front & Rear Full Width HD Bumper Install W/ Smittybilt X20 Gen Comp

    @McGilli great write up! Love the detailed account of weight differences from stock. :clap: I'm curious if there's enough clearance with the HD rear bumper for a 35" spare mounted on stock tire carrier. What size spare is that in your pics? Do you know now how much gap between your spare and...
  14. Wheeling Stock - Let's See the Pics

    Been just over a year and so far 100% stock JLR. Took the family to Jeep Jamboree in Tillamook Oregon just last month. The crawl ratio works great even on the manual transmission. For the rock gardens I've attempting it walks right up the obstacles in 1st gear 4LO. Have not tried any crazy rock...
  15. Silver Valley Jeep Jamboree

    A fellow Jeeper on our trail got his tire slashed by a rock. Naturally it was too intriguing for my kid to resist putting his hand through it :cwl:
  16. JL/JLU OEM Windshield?

    @offcamber do elaborate what you meant how JeepWave covers windshields. I called Safelite not long ago and the OEM one was quoted to be over $1000.
  17. Anyone follow any Youtube Jeepers?

    Epic, thanks for posting! :clap:
  18. Silver Valley Jeep Jamboree

    That's great, I can see they're gonna love riding with you in the Jeep! So nice to see the kids' excitement :like:
  19. 2 DOOR JL build/order discussions master thread

    I'm near Seattle. The Jamboree we attended was the Silver Valley Jeep Jamboree held in Mullan, Idaho about 6 hours away.
  20. 2 DOOR JL build/order discussions master thread

    I reported my JLR was delivered two weeks ago. This weekend I took my 4 year old to our first ever Jeep Jamboree. What a great time we had! Hope all of you waiting on your 2 door get it soon and enjoy the summer months :like: