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  1. Is it possible to love your Jeep too much?

    "Is it possible to love your Jeep too much?" Not when you have motorcycles and it's starting to warm up. You have to share the love. :)
  2. Terrific Aftermarket Fob I came across

    Why are you reading through this thread if you're not the least bit interested in an aftermarket key fob.
  3. Jeep JL destruction from flat tow in 4Lo and 1st gear! Make sure transfer case is in neutral!

    That was my exact thought, big motorhome towing that Jeep down the interstate at 80 mph with a drivetrain parts breadcrumb trail leading to a major screw up. While the motorhome driver is unaware of what is going on behind him.
  4. How long does it take for an oil change at the Jeep dealer?

    👍 I been using those lately and they are a lot easier and less messy than the pump I used to use that fit on the quart bottles (gear oil is thick.)
  5. Terrific Aftermarket Fob I came across

    I ordered a yellow (Mustard) M that I like better than the S, assuming the M and M+ are thinner than the S.
  6. Damm... AutoPark

    I don't know, kind of depends.
  7. How to manually control the FAD

    Good find, that appears to be a 68416518AA, all the actual images of the transfer case modules I could find (for all Jeep, Dodge, & Ram) don't use the center plug that is just a blank spot. I think this module also controls the optional lockers if your Jeep has them. see image at 6:07-6:09...
  8. How to manually control the FAD

    I have Armorlite front and rear carpet replacement kit that will be shipping soon, so I will have the right and left front door sills off on both sides when installing. If the transfer case module isn't located behind either of the sills, then the next guess is under the dasd on a JT, it's not...
  9. How to manually control the FAD

    Anybody know where he Jeep transfer case module is located? I'm assuming under the dash or by the BCM.
  10. How to manually control the FAD

    Please keep us informed.
  11. How to manually control the FAD

    You might be onto something, both the female plug ports on the Jeep and Ram transfer case modules appear to be the same, they may function the same (?), but different part numbers and a cost difference. Jeep transfer case module MOPAR up to 2020 models MOPAR # 68416517AA 68416518AA...
  12. Stupid things non-Wrangler owners say

    You forgot I have a 79, my camping and shopping bike.
  13. Terrific Aftermarket Fob I came across

    Is this the type of beta fob your testing?
  14. ESS Dual Battery Management

    I modified one @Jebiruph images to theoretically isolate the aux battery with just one switch and at the same time ensure N1 is always supplied with +12 volts power in respect to the body ground. On the PCR, the +12 volts low amp PCR control circuit green wire is left alone, the black...
  15. Oil Funnels--Anyone Try This?

    Nice! Time for my cheap ass to find an pre owned oil cap, some JB Weld, a funnel; and make one.
  16. ESS Dual Battery Management

    Ouch $46, but a lot less expensive than damage possibilities from a shorted out battery.
  17. ESS Dual Battery Management

    Your rationale on why you prefer the individual manual on/off switches is a better choice if you are leaving the meters permanently mounted. I went back and forth on weather to temporary or permanently mount the meter box, If I later redecide to permanently mount I will probably go with some...
  18. ESS Dual Battery Management

    Look for "project box", various types and sizes