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  1. JLWF- Easter Jeep Safari 2019 Trail Runs Schedule and Check-Ins

    If anybody hears anything about either of their condition let us know, hopefully both of them are going to be all well and good!
  2. JLWF- Easter Jeep Safari 2019 Trail Runs Schedule and Check-Ins

    Does anybody know the status of @American Jeeper ? Our local KC club just posted a picture of his jeep on Golden Spike trail and it had clearly left the trail and gotten into an accident, it also said someone had been air lifted. I really hope my fellow kansan is okay...
  3. Kansas Morimoto smoked LEDs with smoked LED corners

    So I know I will get bashed for reasons that I traded my JL to go backwards to a JK, but I did it. That means I have these LEDs for sale that I put on about a month ago. Located in Kansas City. I have the morimoto LEDs with corner LEDs shown here...
  4. KC area Meet and Greet

    i'm going to post the LEDs on the rest of the forum, and drop them to $250 if anybody is on the fence
  5. KC area Meet and Greet

    Mats are gone, I can post better pictures of the LEDs if someone wants them. I only installed them in Feb so they don’t have much use on them. Trey - no I didn’t end up buying that supercharged 2012, too many unknowns and I didn’t want to buy an open can of worms. I ended up buying a 2014 with...
  6. KC area Meet and Greet

    I have been contemplating for a long time, and now that I've got my second vehicle I went ahead and traded the JLU for another JKU. Olathe Jeep did a good job fixing all of my issues for the most part, but my jeep was already developing rattles all over the place, electrical gremlins kept...
  7. KC Area dealer flash cost

    I've had nothing but good things to say about Olathe Jeep, mine had the wobble and a plethora of electrical issues and they seem to have lined everything out.
  8. Lettering on grab handle

    interesting, do you have leather or cloth?
  9. Dash startup sequence

    Just a little "easter egg" type thing that I have noticed since I am so obsessive over details.... When I start my 18 Sahara, the dash does the sequence of the old willy's fading out and a new JL appears... well the JL in the picture has LED headlights and halogens on the fender. So simple and...
  10. Lettering on grab handle

    I have a Sahara with cloth, and I have the smooth grab bar.
  11. Lettering on grab handle

    weird, maybe just sahara's dont have it... do you have cloth or leather?
  12. Lettering on grab handle

    My sahara doesnt have it either, I'm pretty sure the sport and sport s are the only models with WRANGLER on it.
  13. American Jeeper’s Mountain Goat - JLUR (now with first stage build video)

    Nice rig! I stumbled across your youtube page a few days ago, good stuff! Even though I'm just a lowly sahara lol i'd like to make a trip to tuttle or ks rocks when the weather stays above freezing for a couple weeks... Are you in Topeka?
  14. Intermittent Radio Issue

    A lot of us are having electrical gremlins with our radios, I've had mine in a few times for it now...they've updated it, but that hasn't fixed the problem. I've read that a legitimate fix might be out in april?
  15. TRS has fixed the issue with morimoto fender lights, progressive now works

    Sounds good to me, as long as they work!
  16. Jeep Wrangler JL Sequential LED DRL & Turn Signals - Morimoto XB LED

    Have you cleared the sickness yet?? Lol I want my sequential turn signals :)
  17. Winch woes

    For anyone interested in buying the smittybilt X20, I was able to buy it on amazon right now for $346 shipped. That is the cheapest I’ve seen it anywhere (steel cable version but I will swap it out for a synthetic line)
  18. Soft-Top Jeep Break-Ins or Vandlism?

    I personally have left my TJ in my driveway with no top or doors without any issues in my neighborhood. I would feel comfortable doing the same thing in the JL, but we are in a very low crime suburb (and i also have a security camera on my driveway). When I lived in a condo in the city and...