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  1. Why did you buy a Jeep with bad steering?

    Didn’t really want to spend this kind of money, but a new Raptor.
  2. Why did you buy a Jeep with bad steering?

    Not necessarily. A number of things sort of wore on me, and I’m just one of those crazy people that swaps vehicles entirely too often anyways. So, it just happened to be a deal I ran across on another vehicle and I went with it
  3. Why did you buy a Jeep with bad steering?

    I dunno.... Didn’t feel it much at first, and mine was ordered. But after just 6 months, I have sold it (for $1000 less than I paid). So all is well now! Steering like a champ.
  4. MOPAR JL Roof Rails NEW

    For those that are interested in shipping, what are the options that are less cost prohibitive? Like, what’s the magic trick to have it be reasonable?
  5. MOPAR JL Roof Rails NEW

    Nope. Hardtop only
  6. MOPAR JL Roof Rails NEW

    I’ll save myself the pain of shipping at the moment.... Maybe if they don’t sell locally.
  7. MOPAR JL Roof Rails NEW

  8. MOPAR JL Roof Rails NEW

    looking to sell my JL Roof Rails, new and in box. Located near Columbia SC. $200 takes these. Thanks!
  9. Should I make the switch? Taco to JLU?

    Purchased my Taco at $42K or so, and sold it at $41K if I recall correctly. Not bad at all But I did have the leverage of it being a rare Manual trans Pro in Cavalry Blue
  10. Should I make the switch? Taco to JLU?

    Well, if it helps... I had a 2018 Tacoma TRD Pro, and decided to switch to a JL Unlimited Rubicon after only a few thousand miles of ownership. No regrets, as there’s a LOT of features missing from the Taco compared to the Rubicon (the way I built it at least). For example: Much better audio...
  11. FIRECRACKER RED Wrangler JL Club

    Got that front end all done now
  12. Cutting a JL in half to build a V8 JLU Crew Pickup Conversion! by Bruiser Conversions

    Oh man! That looks like it’s going to be one bad ass conversion
  13. Leather or Cloth Seats

    The cloth in the Rubicon is so good, I consider it an upgrade from leather. That’s the way I ordered it, and I couldn’t be happier with the decision. Another thing to note with leather, would be the rapid wear and tear with the way you’re forced to get into and out of the wrangler. You cannot...
  14. Highway Driving

    Seems ridiculous, but after adding a winch to the front end, I’m complaining a lot less of the wandering issue I was also experiencing. The extra 125 lbs or so did something to make a noticeable difference
  15. JL Delivery Checklist

    That color is to die for
  16. JL Delivery Checklist

    Seems hit and miss for some reason.
  17. JL Delivery Checklist

    That is correct.
  18. Advice: Which would you opt for?

    Option 1. Mainly due to the cloth seats, which seem like they will hold up longer then the leather will. These are really nice cloth seats.
  19. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Not the case anymore. Warn includes a Hawse no matter what you buy. But this one is steel as opposed to the aluminum ones I’ve seen out there
  20. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Installed a Warn VR10, and pre wired a set of 6” round LEDs I will add once Northridge gets the mounts shipped to me.