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  1. Who actually uses A/C?

    In South Texas, with 3-digit temperatures, I run A/C even with top off. Lately, with single-digit temperatures, I have been glad to have heated seats and steering wheel.
  2. Identify this part...

    I has looked at the seat rails, but it didn't fit. On second look, it may fit on the top rail that slides over the stationary bottom rail. But I cannot get it to snap into place. Maybe something is broken on the rail that keeps it in place.
  3. Identify this part...

    I knew someone was going to say that. :)
  4. Identify this part...

    Found on the floor board of a 2020 Rubicon 4-dr.
  5. Mounting ARB Air Compressor

    Did you use the ARB mount (more forward, requires cutting carpet and vent) or the Innovative mount (further back, no cutting)?
  6. Mounting ARB Air Compressor

    I am still leaning toward the ARB under seat mount wired into aux switch. But for those looking for alternatives, I see that Grim OffRoad has a behind the fender kit with hose and switch mounted under the hood.
  7. Mounting ARB Air Compressor

    2-dr or 4-dr, looks like the Innovative mount is way further back than the ARB mount. Instructions on Innovation mount just say to remove the 2 rear bolts that secure the passenger seat, lift the seat slightly and slide the mounting plate under the seat legs from the rear of the seat, then Bolt...
  8. Trouble shifting to 4H

    +1 This is exactly what I did. Found a dirt County road with nobody on it and just practiced going from 2h to 4h and back. Each time switched while coasting 2-3 mph in neutral.
  9. What are these for?

    I knew what the large piece was, because I have the liber for my rear tray. But I couldn't identify the 2nd' item, because I have never seen it. Am I supposed to have the "kit [to] protects the top center module on the windshield"? It is not in my 2020 JLRU Rubicon. Part number?
  10. Two Years of Wheeling, 32 badge trails 39,000+ miles, a short report out on trail damage and general observations.

    Can I get more details on your E-Pro trailer? What model? Dry weight? GVWR? Indoor or outdoor kitchen? Thanks.
  11. Mounting ARB Air Compressor

    Can you clarify "installed one under each seat. Made up two double hoses with “Y” splitters so I can air up/down all 4 tires at once." Do you mean there are 2 outlets (passenger and driver)? And you have a splitter running front and back for each side? Does the ARB deflate as well as inflate...
  12. Mounting ARB Air Compressor

    For those that are using the ARB under seat bracket for the ARB twin compressor ... Does the mounting affect foot room? Where does the compressor set in relation to the seat (front, middle, back)? My wife is concerned that the backseat passenger will be loosing foot space. Trying to decide...
  13. Bottle opener?

    I thought the label was a nice touch.
  14. Bottle opener?

    According the Artec's website...
  15. Bottle opener?

    Anybody have any experience with this ... Upper Bound Rear License Plate Mounted Bottle Opener Accessory fits Jeep Wrangler JL JK TJ Models
  16. 2020 Uconnect 8.4 Navigation off road question

    Is the map overlay stored in the system, or does it download like Google Maps? If using Google Maps, and I get out of cell service, then the map won't load even though I still have GPS signal. (Yes, I can pre-download the Google maps IF I know where I am going, but often we are just taking dirt...