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  1. Two Years of Wheeling, 32 badge trails 39,000+ miles, a short report out on trail damage and general observations.

    To clarify: What do you mean "I wish that I would have bought 67 Design stuff first instead of last"? Which "stuff" is it?
  2. Two Years of Wheeling, 32 badge trails 39,000+ miles, a short report out on trail damage and general observations.

    Ted - Your story is a badge of honor to Jeep engineers – and your driving (and maintenance). Keep it coming!
  3. Anyone Tow a Camper? Size? Pics?

    Thanks for the beer. Keep it at room temperature, please :)
  4. Anyone Tow a Camper? Size? Pics?

    Which trailer hitch? With COVID still ranging, I'm getting into campers. But before buying, I'll rent a few, just to get a feel. I'm looking for a versatile setup to hitch different campers with a JLU, all with 2" balls. I invested in the OEM towing package, and the bottom of the receiver is...
  5. Anyone Tow a Camper? Size? Pics?

    Interesting! Do you have a link to the Australian specifications?
  6. Anyone Tow a Camper? Size? Pics?

    That's impressive! Just to be clear: The weight that you mention (1,710Kg/3800 lbs.) is net weight or includes supplies and equipment (water, food, etc.)?
  7. Advice on Horn Upgrade

    Thanks! Just ordered it.
  8. Advice on Horn Upgrade

    That should be easy. Some of them even come with the button and the wire. I ordered a couple, and will share the results next week.
  9. Advice on Horn Upgrade

    I can't say I haven't considered these. Seriously (for a moment)
  10. Advice on Horn Upgrade

    Update: I'll try a bunch of horn upgrades later this week, and will post an update.
  11. JLUR - Plastic vs Steel Bumpers?

    Let me offer a different way of thinking about it (and many other upgrades): You aren't buying $1,800 worth of ice cream. You are using the money to buy an asset. True, you are probably not going to recover all this money when you sell the Jeep, but you'll probably get more than zero, right...
  12. Advice on Horn Upgrade

    Drag racing with a Rubi? :)
  13. Advice on Horn Upgrade

    That's good to know. Thanks!
  14. Safety packages - initial thoughts

    Yes, it is set to apply the brakes. But it rarely warns. Maybe all of my honking helps ;)
  15. Advice on Horn Upgrade

    I respect your view, but this hasn't been my experience. For example, a car was swaying into my lane. A little beep, and the driver corrected. When I pass her, I noticed she was holding a phone in her right hand.
  16. Advice on Horn Upgrade

    I heard that recommendation, but not for a JL. Do you have a sense of whether they fit in the engine? Seems to be tight space there.
  17. Advice on Horn Upgrade

    We aim for the trail, but drive on the road. And too often, on the road we encounter distracted and dangerous drivers. To wake them up, I'd need a horn that's better than the puny one supplied by Jeep. Any advice?
  18. Safety packages - initial thoughts

    Thanks for sharing. This is reassuring!
  19. Safety packages - initial thoughts

    You're being humble. I'm much younger, but opted for all the safety features buy. They'll pay for themselves even if they prevent just one scratch, let alone the really bad stuff. And my ego is big enough to survive receiving help from a computer :captain:. The Adaptive Cruise Control has been...