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  1. Question regarding the Windsheld defrost

    Up from the dash, plenty of room on the sides for an easy to plug/unplug connector or enough cable slack to maintain window fold down capability.
  2. Not the snow vehicle I expected

    Yup, fortunately my road is a straight shot to the top.
  3. Question regarding the Windsheld defrost

    My last two vehicles, a 2000 Subaru Forester and 2006 Toyota Highlander Hybrid both had this, and it worked quite well. Appears Jeep offered it on Cherokees at one point recently as well so it's not a new concept to them.
  4. Not the snow vehicle I expected

    I do think my getting stock rubi sized 285 snows are absolutely working against me, I'm pinning a lot of the issue on that. I've also gotten spoiled by 'modern' TC (2006) that can make an 'AWD' vehicle that doesn't even have a mechanical connection between the front and rear open diffs (FWD with...
  5. Not the snow vehicle I expected

    On snow covered roads, it just will not get any bite. Pressures are 35psi all the way around, slightly down from what the sticker calls for, same as I've done with pretty much every vehicle I've owned. Bare ice, I can feel the studs digging in, any slush or real snow and it just floats. I had...
  6. Not the snow vehicle I expected

    And that settled it, this is the first time in 10+ years that I had to dig a vehicle out trying to get into my driveway.. I love the Jeep in the spring/summer/fall, first vehicle I've owned that has made me dread driving in snow. I'm going to break the lease and get into something better...
  7. Question regarding the Windsheld defrost

    If that's the only solution for a 2019 vehicle, if it irritates me enough and Jeep doesn't have a proper fix, it's not staying in my driveway.
  8. Not the snow vehicle I expected

    3 hours in today's storm, that front defroster pissed me off the entire time.
  9. Question regarding the Windsheld defrost

    Driving in today's storm, had to deal with this... 3 hours with the heat wound up to max, not an enjoyable drive.
  10. Not the snow vehicle I expected

    Not much snow actually, plowed dirt road, maybe 5 inches in my driveway. The issue is my road is a STEEP grade, and it's private so no sand/salt, and no opportunity to get a running start. Part of the issue is coming from prior vehicles I'm used to loosing all traction/drive the moment a wheel...
  11. Not the snow vehicle I expected

    4Dr Rubi in the Lake Arrowhead region. Got to play in a parking lot today, after a bit the old habits came back and I had some fun while figuring the Jeep out.
  12. Not the snow vehicle I expected

    First proper snow since I got my Rubicon and... today's commute was far more 'exciting' than anticipated. My first warning sign was needing 4Lo + lockers to get out of my driveway... For the record, I put a set of Nokian Hakka LT3s on, studded, in anticipation of my road being a bastard in...
  13. Mishimoto R&D: JL Wrangler 2.0T Catch Can Kit

    Have you considered replacing the drain plug with a hose fitting, a drain hose, and a cap on the drain hose that is easier to access when under the vehicle like most motorcycles use on their airboxes?
  14. handheld CB radio

    US CBs don't do FM, AFAIK neither do Canadian ones?
  15. Test drove a JL with the wandering issue

    Same here, my JLU Rubi is still at 41psi as purchased, 4k miles, drives well. I'm also getting 24 to 25mpg... I'm a little hesitant to lower the pressure and kill the milage.
  16. Swaybar Disconnect plug

    That is a "watertight connector". Or, at least water resistant, if you look the connector itself uses an O-ring where it goes in, and the wires themselves are pressed through rubber gaskets.
  17. Oil Change Reset - If Equipped ???

    Interesting, just looked at my account, and my Rubicon notes that it's "not capable of Vehicle Health Reports." Will have to poke at the dash tonight to see if oil life is reported there.
  18. Beartown state forest MA

    Maine has three offroad parks that I'm aware of where Jeeps can go play legally.
  19. UHMW body/under armor come on new tech innovation

    Look at this from another angle: Plastic like Delrin has been used for glide/skid plates on ATVs/UTVs/Snowmobiles for decades. In that time, it's never been in major use on Jeeps... if the material limitations were easily gotten around without the resulting product costing more to produce than...
  20. Diesel to have a lower towing capacity?

    Any bets on weather the 2020 JL gets the TJ grill AND front camera?