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  1. Cracked Windshield Club

    I finally got my windshield replaced yesterday but noticed some black glue near the edge on the passenger side. Is it normal to have some extra glue showing? The drivers side looks clean, thinking about going back as it looks kinda sloppy. Also hearing some wind whistleing but not sure if it's...
  2. Cracked Windshield Club

    Well count me in on this club too, I've got a crack almost the entire way across my windshield. I'm looking to have my Jeep detailed but also want the glass replaced, dealer quoted me 470. Is having the windshield a messy job and should I wait to have it replaced before getting it cleaned...
  3. Factory LED Option

    I had JW Speaker 8700 headlights on my JKUR Hard Rock and I loved them. I have to say though the LED's on my JL are just as good if not better than the JW Speakers. I had the headlights and matching fog lights and I think the stock LED's are brighter and slightly narrower than the 8700's.
  4. Automated Suction cup marks left on front windshield...removal?

    I only see them in certain light and I actually saw them again on my way to work this morning. I haven't tried the Isopropyl Alcohol yet, only a microfiber. I have a bottle at home that I think is 90% or something so I could give that a try.
  5. XPEL over Rubicon Decals

    Mine is scheduled for Thursday but I'm only doing the full hood and grill and possibly headlights. I may do a bit more depending on additional costs but I have monotone fenders so maybe just a-pillars. I'll update my post with the results and some pictures, maybe I'll try and get them to do...
  6. Rocket League - Jurassic World Jeep Pack

    Yep! The game is a lot of fun actually and has a lot of DLC. Like using Batmobile...etc.
  7. Any Wrangler JL issues with the Remote Proximity Keyless Entry

    I wasn't sure I needed it at first when ordering but glad I got it in the end. It works very well and I got used to it pretty quickly. Its nice not having to pull out the key getting in or out.
  8. Rocket League - Jurassic World Jeep Pack

    It's not a JL but figured it would be worthy to post for the gamers. :)
  9. I got a recall, what should I do before the parts got replaced?

    I don't think either, you can search by your VIN to see active recalls if any.
  10. Rear window fluid dripping

    I've never used the rear window wiper or spray but mine is dripping/leaking too.
  11. Blue screen fix

    I had a blue and also a black screen once but to fix it both times, I just put it into reverse and back to first gear (manual). This would be really hard to replicate so I suspect the dealer will have a hard time with it.
  12. UConnect Updates...

    They are but you still have the option to download and install yourself which is likely the preferred method (safer). It's up to you, I've had my JL for a little over a month and have not received any updates. I suspect the first will include the Off Road Pages and other fixes.
  13. Major steering issue problem with JL Wrangler. Please watch

    Same here, wondering if this recall is directly related to this thread or not.
  14. Where the fenders meet the body......

    We had very high winds a couple weeks ago and it was throwing small rocks at my Jeep. I checked afterward and found a bunch of tiny rocks stuck in there. They were a pain to get out but I think a soft paint brush is a good idea!
  15. JLWF / Quadratec Giveaway: N-Fab 3” Tubular Nerf-Steps for 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL 4-Door [Ended]

    I'm game! This would be the first mod of many. :) Already subbed too.
  16. Major steering issue problem with JL Wrangler. Please watch

    I'm just over 2K now with my JL and have not experienced this as of yet thankfully. I'm following this thread though as its very concerning, to say the least.
  17. Stop/Start Not Ready - M/T

    Welp! haha Thanks for the reply, its not causing issues but I'll run it by the dealer and post here with an update later.
  18. Stop/Start Not Ready - M/T

    Are you responding to me or AwCrimey? :) I suspect the latter as I don't think mine is fuse related.
  19. Stop/Start Not Ready - M/T

    Alright thanks for chiming in, everything is working but still weird how it never shows ready.
  20. Stop/Start Not Ready - M/T

    @DanW I know you drive a manual as well, sorry tag you here but genuinely curious if yours is the same?