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  1. GMRS antenna mounting

    Anyone have experience with installing the GMRS antenna with the CoolTech JL CB Bracket as well as the Mopar OEM Tailgate Reinforcement? I cannot get the antenna to clear the reinforcement with the bracket. Tried multiple orientations.
  2. GMRS antenna mounting

    Yes you can, but you will need an adapter for the cable to attach to the GMRS antenna.
  3. Front seat media console - AUX and USB ports

    Thanks Nick, I'll keep searching. Really hate the wires being seen from the front. :-(
  4. Front seat media console - AUX and USB ports

    Has anyone had experience with accessing from the backside, both the USB port and AUX audio port from the front seat media console? I would like to access these ports and run the an aux cable as well as an USB cable up through the dashboard so that it plugs into my cell phone while mounted on...
  5. Door Frame Cutout Holes

    What are these cutouts at the top of each door frame? There are two above the driver and passenger door, and three cutouts above the rear passenger doors.
  6. Parking Break - Dash Light Indicator

    I have decided to have this repaired at the dealership along with a few other issues.
  7. Parking Break - Dash Light Indicator

    Noticed this just the other day that the dash light indicator "BRAKE" is not illuminated when I engage the parking break. Any ideas?
  8. Select Tire Fill Alert App

    Noticed this app while watching this video review of the new 2019 JT Gladiator. (17:15) This app allows you to set the desired tire pressure when you are airing up/down you tires. The horn will honk letting you know the tire pressure selected has been reached. Does anyone know if this app...
  9. Thermostat Issue

    Has anyone else experienced an issue with the climate control? I have found that setting it at 72°F really heats up the vehicle. Seems like 72 is the top end and not 85. Not much range as I expected. Thoughts?
  10. Tazer (Programmer) for the JL

    I was told that the cause for mine was that the main power distribution fuse was blown, the technician checked over all the systems that can blow that fuse and everything seems to be working well at this time.
  11. Tazer (Programmer) for the JL

    Ha! Yes it was flat towed. I too have had mine set-up so the ESS was disabled by the Tazer JL (Live feature) when I started the JL. Plus I was able to (and I did on occasion) push the ESS button and the ESS would work as FCA intended it to work. Never had an issue until this morning.
  12. Tazer (Programmer) for the JL

    @Rhinebeck01 you are correct, due to the stress of blocking traffic and the policeman looking over my shoulder. I wasn't aware of how to work the park override release properly. I have since watched a few videos to educate myself should it happen again. My bad. Dealer confirmed today that...
  13. Tazer (Programmer) for the JL

    I have been using the TazerJL since May and it has been working very nicely. I have programmed the Auto Start/Stop to be turned off by default. A few days ago while driving to work in heavy traffic, I decided to turn on the Auto Start/Stop Feature and test it out for a bit. As soon as I...
  14. Center Console - Rubber Insert

    Does anyone have experience with removing the center console's rubber insert in order to clean it as well as securing it back to the center console? I removed one side of it but I am having difficulty securing it back. Is there an easy way to do this?
  15. Anyone using the Go Rhino spare tire relocation bracket?

    Thanks for taking a look into it, I agree it would be cheaper to buy it off of Amazon. Best of luck selling it locally. Very appreciative of giving us your review of the add on.
  16. Anyone using the Go Rhino spare tire relocation bracket?

    What is your price and what is an estimate on shipping?
  17. Anyone using the Go Rhino spare tire relocation bracket?

    Any interest in selling it? I would like to give it a go with my rig and see the outcome.
  18. iOS 12 and CarPlay

    Does this mean it would best to use USB port #1 (dashboard) so as to avoid this race???
  19. iOS 12 and CarPlay

    I had heard that CarPlay was very very finicky and would only work with Apple USB cables and so I have not used any after market cables. I had swapped out multiple Apple cables and still the issue remains. Anyone else?