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  1. Bigger Tires & Lift for the 2.0T 4-Cyl

    We bought our sport and immediately put 35s on it for a long trip. Drove great, not as peppy but still plenty of pep and far better than any of our JKs, TJs or YJs with same tire size. We have since lifted (3.5"), moved to 37s and calibrated the speedo to be correct. I was sure after the lift...
  2. Adding Remote start

    Amazon all the way. Easy 30 min install having not read directions before we started.
  3. 2.0l turbo Exhaust thread.

    Finally got some audio clips of a cold start and warm idle of the Rough Country Dual Exhaust on my 2.0L. I also have deleted the resonator.
  4. Pictures of camping with your Jeep

    Helped some friends test out their new trailer and we logges some miles after finishing the exterior build on our Jeep!
  5. New JL Steering Issue TSB 08-074-20 (for "Improved Steering Feel")

    Finally got parts in last week and Chapman was fast to get the work done! Amazing crew and very concerned about how I felt after they did the work. We have managed to put about 1k miles on and it is soo much better. Steering is as responsive as it should be for a Wrangler.
  6. Arizona Owners parts sale/trade thread ...

    Sorry they have gone.
  7. Can 4 cyl handle these lift kit and larger rims/tires?

    I drove my 2.0 with no lift and 35s for a few thousand miles. It handled it great. As the build has progressed the lil 4 banger is now turning 37s with a 3.5" lift and added weight of bumpers and some armor. Etorque and the 2.0 with this 8 speed make it my favorite setup yet! After owning 6...
  8. Arizona 8.4 Infotainment w/ Nav, GPS Antenna, Unlock Code and Bezel!!! Used w wear. $800 shipped

    We bought this unit to replace the terrible 5" and it's awesome. Camera is so much bigger and clear, apps are cool, Android Auto / Apple Car Play are great to have .........but we decided to go to the 7" because of other accessories we mount by the center stack. The bad: Unit does show some...
  9. Arizona Owners parts sale/trade thread ...

    I have a pair of JLU Rubicon Rock Sliders in the garage that need a new home. All hardware included. Pickup 7th ST and McDowell
  10. Arizona WTB - 7" uconnect w/ unlock code.

    Do you have a 7" screen laying around from your upgrade to an 8.4 or aftermarket unit? PM me your price shipped to 85006. Please let me know if you have the bezel and unlock code
  11. New JL Steering Issue TSB 08-074-20 (for "Improved Steering Feel")

    For anyone in Az, Chapman Jeep in Scottsdale is very service forward. Made an appt, brief chat when I arrived describing the issue and we were off for a quick test drive. Made it about a mile and they confirmed the issue. Because of lift and tires they did have a tech confirm my aftermarket...
  12. 2.0l turbo Exhaust thread.

    Given the small size of out 2.0L motors I knew there wasn't much to get from a new exhaust note BUT I wanted to get the factory garbage can out of the way. Rough Country has a nice high tuck, dual tip exhaust in matte black that installs very easy in your garage. After running it for about 300...
  13. aftermarket switches

    I did the mlc-6 from Rough Country with the lower dash kit and it could not be easier to install! Hardest part was fishing the cable loom through the center dash because my hands are a little fat. Otherwise it goes in easy, looks great and makes adding 12v accessories a breeze!
  14. High Tuck Exhaust opinions, please

    Rough Country dual exhaust for our 2.0 sounds pretty decent and looks great! Much smaller than the factory trash can
  15. Anyone have Rough Country tailgate table?

    Just got this Rough County Tailgate Table this morning and installed in about 10 minutes! Super easy install and great addition. My biggest concern with all the ones on the market were that it may rattle. Rough Country was the perfect mix of brand name and price. I hit the road after...
  16. How does everyone mount their cell phones?

    We added this just before a road trip with a 6" magnetic strip from Amazon. Holds two cells phones or our 10" tablet perfectly!
  17. Arizona Owners parts sale/trade thread ...

    Still available? Did they get rebalanced after tpms taken out?