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  1. Trackbar reinforcement rubbing on coil?

    I think it's just the angle of the photo, it was pretty dead on 0deg at the pumpkin when I installed the the control arms. I believe thats 6deg of caster right? I'll grab a photo of the pinion and measure again next time I'm in the garage. Drives and tracks great, as well as it did with the...
  2. Trackbar reinforcement rubbing on coil?

    You seen this before @Clayton Off Road?
  3. Trackbar reinforcement rubbing on coil?

    Hard to get a great shot of it. Especially the backside of the bracket. I'll crawl under there this weekend and see if I can see anything else. It did look like the closest corner of the bracket had a "clean" spot missing dirt at the very corner - but hard to tell. You actually don't use any...
  4. Trackbar reinforcement rubbing on coil?

    I have the Rusty's Trackbar Reinforcement, Clayton control arms adjusted to their specs, Synergy coils 3" Noticing some marks on my drivers side coil, and I'm wondering if its the trackbar reinforcement coming into contact with it at extreme articulation. There seems like theres a lot of...
  5. Anyone Using Lang Coyote Side View Mirrors?

    They are great
  6. HYDRO BLUE Wrangler JL Club

    I have 37s on my 2 door as well for about 30k miles. I don't think theres any reason to not go 37s on a Rubicon imo, go KO2s if you're worried about it since they are lighter and slightly undersized.
  7. HYDRO BLUE Wrangler JL Club

    Sister-in-law, took delivery of her 2dr last weekend. They had it on 37s within 24 hours lol.
  8. California looking for OEM muffler

    Sending you a DM
  9. California looking for OEM muffler

    I have one you can have, I'm in South Redondo Beach though
  10. Teraflex Falcon 3.3 or no?

    Im pretty much always at the softest possible setting. I've clicked into the hard setting (but still "cold" not "performance") a few times, when I'm on a long trip with smooth roads just to keep me tracking a little better or if I'm bottoming out a lot while bombing trails. Honestly though, I...
  11. Anyone installed Synergy sector brace with the new Steel box?

    Ah my bad, I heard this first hand from someone but it was the steersmarts bracket. I assumed they were the same
  12. Anyone installed Synergy sector brace with the new Steel box?

    Edit: I was wrong, don’t listen to the below My understanding is that you need new bolts. I want to say the original box has 2 shorter and 2 longer bolts where the new box has 4 long bolts of the same size (or maybe it was the other way around I don't remember) You'd need to get those from...
  13. POLL: (3.6L Muffler Delete) to drone or not to drone...that is the question

    Just take off the muffle and drive around for a little bit. Free to test. Thats what I did for 15mins or so.
  14. Best Hi-tuck exhaust w no drone

    Yeah I mean, I have no vested interest in muffler deletes or anything, haha. Just posting my personal experience, maybe it drones but I don’t notice it or Im mot in that rpm range often - I dunno - but Im familiar w drone on previous vehicles and I cant detect it here. If anyone in south west...
  15. California 2 Door Soft Top (Sailcloth) - $600

    I purposely tried to take the most unflattering pictures I could, not trying to dupe you or anything. Window wise, there's what I would consider a normal amount of wear. I've never sen a soft top without some scratches. The photo below is taken at the angle that I felt showed them best. They...
  16. Teraflex Falcon 3.3 or no?

    So, I have the Falcon 3.3 SP2s and I really like them. That said, they certainly aren't for everyone, and you're going to get a lot of pushback against them in this thread - which isn't unwarranted, its just a matter of preference. 1st off, get the SP2s if you do get the 3.3s. The non-SP2...
  17. Best Hi-tuck exhaust w no drone

    It's funny, I've tried 4 different exhausts that ended up driving me crazy, eventually did the delete and to me there is no drone, and its far less obnoxious than the AFE rock basher and Borla exhaust than I had before. Maybe it has something to do with 2dr vs 4dr?
  18. California Trackbar

    I have a JKS I'd let go for cheap
  19. California 2 Door Soft Top (Sailcloth) - $600

    I bought it used, I've never installed it, but from what I can tell its in good condition. It has tinted side windows but a clear rear for some reason. If anyone is serious about it, I can gather some more details and pics click here. We could work out the logistics where we install it before...
  20. Falcon 3.5 aDAPT

    My brother just installed these on his 4 door. He likes them. I thought the auto adjustment was kind of a gimmick at first but you can tell the difference switching it on and off. I'm not bummed that I bought the 3.3s but I certainly would give the 3.5s another look if I had to do it all over again.