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  1. Replace the Rivets?

    Thanks for the suggestions. I can't believe that I have to go through all this trouble and extra cost for something that is so new.
  2. Replace the Rivets?

    Ok, good point, you are correct... Rockhard 4x4. They had what I was looking for, sliders that attached to the frame and acted as a step as well. I ordered the black plate that has their name cut out of it, I'm not a fan of the silver/chrome look option. When I got them the first thing I noticed...
  3. Replace the Rivets?

    I'm not going to mention the company but this is the response I received via email when I mention that I had their rocker slider/steps on the jeep since last fall. I asked them about all the rust and this is what they said. "Best to replace the rivets of course then sand and respray the...
  4. Has this happened to anyone?

    I guess I punched it like you would when you are going to pass someone on a one lane road and then you see a car coming at you but you know you still have enough time to complete the pass. Not a good time for the engine rev and drop out of a passing gear.
  5. Has this happened to anyone?

    Shots, great point. Lol thx
  6. Defroster solutions?

    I'm going to try, I just haven't experienced the problem yet so I don't know how to fix it. What is exactly happening?
  7. Has this happened to anyone?

    If I try duplicating this issue am I going to damage anything? I'm basically trying to pass someone when I'm going between 20 and 30.
  8. Has this happened to anyone?

    Nope, it was a dry straight road. I put my foot on the gas and it felt like it was going to stall and revved and so I let my foot of the gas at that point and I guess went to first gear. If it's a known issue, I wanted to bring it up when I drop it off on Wed.
  9. Defroster solutions?

    Is there enough air near the end of the defrost panel to redirect the air out to the sides or is limiting the air in the middle the way to go?
  10. Has this happened to anyone?

    Beaups, that pretty much describes it. Is it designed to do that? It felt unsafe and not very healthy for the Jeep. I'm heading to the dealership on Wed for a different issue, is this something that can be fixed? Thx
  11. Defroster solutions?

    I haven't had a winter yet in my 20 JLUR yet but I've heard about this issue. I was thinking about 3D printing something to help distrubute the air once I see what is happening.
  12. Has this happened to anyone?

    I have a 2020 JLUR 3.6 automatic. I was doing about 20 mph and stepped on the gas pretty hard. The engine revved really loud and it felt like it almost stalled. It then accelerated after a second or so. It sure didn't feel right. I will try to duplicate it tomorrow. Has this happened to anyone...
  13. What side steps / rock rails to add to JL Wrangler?

    Due to the flat, semi solid step for my dog, I'm thinking about the Rock Hard Patriot Rock Slider Flat step for my JLUR but I'm a little leery about breaking one of the red loctite bolts. I've done most of the work on my old TJ but I don't want to deal with a broken bolt with red loctite. So I...
  14. Tuffy Security Deck Mod

    No. It's the diy bag I found somewhere on this forum. I guess the mopar bag would work.
  15. Tuffy Security Deck Mod

    I just thought I would share a little project I've been working on. Before my 2020 JLUR I had a 2004 TJ. I would roll up the windows with a piece felt between each one and put everything in one of those bags that hold the fold up chairs that you used to watch your kid's soccer game. It was...
  16. Michigan Mopar Twill Soft Top Kit for 18-20 Jeep Wrangler JL Unlimited 4 Dr

    Just purchased a black one, thanks though.
  17. Massachusetts WTB: Mopar OEM JLU 4 Door Premium Soft Top

    Another MA person looking for premium tinted twill.soft top
  18. Where and how do you store your soft top windows in the JLU when the top is down?

    I did a quick search and didn't notice anything about this. I just upgraded from my 04 TJ to a 20 JLUR and don't own the soft top yet for the 20 but I am looking for one right now. The TJ soft top allowed me to roll up the windows, with a soft cloth in between each windows, and stuff it in an...
  19. Is there any reason why I can't store my hardtop upside down?

    Great advice, thank you. I built a mock up out of some extra wood I had so I'm gonna see if it will fit right side up in garage or shed. I have a finished garage ceiling and I don't want to start looking for joists if it is not going to work.