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  1. New JL Steering Issue TSB 08-074-20 (for "Improved Steering Feel")

    yes, there are TSBs for other issues that clearly state the dealer needs to replicate on a test drive. but not this TSB.
  2. Vehicle owner's manual in Uconnect Apps tab missing?

    you can re-order the apps @Tellurian within the ? with long press + drag and drop? oh, I'm definitely going to have to try that next time I'm in my jeep!
  3. Help please...possible damage to steering from dealer running it without ANY steering fluid after TSB work

    its possible that they partially filled the system and got distracted before completing the fill and bleed process. in other words, the system may have some fluid in it even though the reservoir is dry.
  4. Anyone else getting calls from Jeep RE: Steering TSB, Scam?

    I received a phone call from someone who identified himself as an engineer with jeep in Detroit. he said jeep was proactively reviewing warranty records with history of steering complaints. he mentioned the TSB and assisted by forwarding parts to my dealership. a few days after I had the TSB...
  5. Heated steering wheel not that hot?

    my 2019 will practically burn you hands... maybe jeep reduced the heating effect for the new models?
  6. Battery Reconnect Help - Spark On Negative

    I feel a little guilty doing this, but I'm wondering if @Jebiruph has any idea? I recently replaced my auxillary battery, and when I reconnected the positive cable from the PDC to the positive terminal of the main battery, I experienced a pretty significant spark and I heard what sounded like a...
  7. Grinding noise in 4WD on brand new Rubicon

    do you think maybe this could have been the electronic brake lock differential functionality kicking in as opposed to a mechanical problem? i believe it is active in 4LO even though the other traction control functionality is automatically disabled
  8. JL sahara 2020 - Light bar and cargo

    they might not see your question unless you tag them with @ORACLElights
  9. Grinding noise in 4WD on brand new Rubicon

    I had a wheel sensor fail while driving in 4H through a "puddle" and can confirm that 4WD (and ABS, traction control) was immediately disabled. fortunately I was able to drive out in 2H.
  10. Genesis Offroad Dual Battery System install by Tank Customs and Charger Testing

    so much carefully documented information in this thread, thank you very much!
  11. Connecticut FS 5 Firestone Destination Mud Terrain tires- $550 SOLD

    any chance you might be travelling down to NJ anytime soon?
  12. 'A' - with yellow circle arrow around it (dash light)

    they're going to get really upset if you use logic and facts like that...
  13. On-vehicle battery charging question?

    your battery charging voltage (evic display) is dropping down to 12.6 (while at idle or accelerating) because you have a fresh battery, it is not indicative of low charge. the voltage will increase while coasting/braking (saves gas), and will stay pinned at mid 14's when the battery charge is...
  14. Aux Battery replacement the easy way... pull the fender flare

    I did place an order from Quadratec (currently indicates in stock on election day but I know how they work), I also placed an order with too so hooefully they come through for me by next weekend.
  15. Aux Battery replacement the easy way... pull the fender flare

    I had planned to work on this project today but decided to wait and order extra clips first, just wanted to say thanks very much for this post + the link for replacement clips!
  16. Led Tail Light ring stopped working

    I would definitely get that checked out at a dealer while your still under warranty
  17. Vehicle broken into...

    I keep my registration and insurance in a little wallet in my front pocket. if I need to go to a sketchy area, I put a credit card and dummy papers along with a little cash in a normal wallet in my back pocket, if I get mugged, I figure they'll be happy to get that one...
  18. JLUR feels like steering/wheels freezing when turning

    if you have the 2.0 turbo, look in the TSB section for a TSB to correct a ground strap...