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  1. Exhaust leak or something else?

    My whole assembly before the muffler was loose on mine.. Went under to look around one day, grabbed the pipe and the whole thing moved. To be fair I still have not tried to tighten the clamp hahaha...
  2. Gas in the 2.0T - Is my understanding correct?

    GDI engines do have problems with carbon buildup..but by design the same reason they have a carbon problem is the same reason higher octane fuel or even traditional "cleaner" additives wont help. Remember you are injecting the fuel directly into the engine which has a ton of great benefits but...
  3. Jersey Jeeps! Where to enter wharton?

    No problem..just realized I never posted the second link lol
  4. Jersey Jeeps! Where to enter wharton?

    Never had the opportunity to try and I am too far north to know anyone personally who has but I have researched in the past and had this map saved And this website talks about stopping at one of the ranger stations and...
  5. Gladiator gets Nacho and Gecko colors! What about the Wrangler?

    And just like that i realized sting-gray is stingray...and now i feel like I am saying it different out loud...lmao
  6. AC stops blowing cold when put in park

    Not talking about the blower motor , talking about the cooling fan under the hood.However, If sitting in drive at a stop it continues to stay cold than I would say nevermind as airflow isnt the issue. Very strange .
  7. AC stops blowing cold when put in park

    Silly question but are the electric cooling fan coming on? Plenty loud on a JL so you would notice. Is the truck running hot? Could be a problem with airflow across the condenser if you have cold air while moving and nothing at a stop...
  8. Pennsylvania 8.4 NAV UAQ w/ Trim Ring and Unlock Code $1000

    Could be like my mother who is still driving around her 2.5 year old compass with the plastic over the radio. She got upset the one time i threatened to peel it off lol
  9. Building a DIY JLU Sleeping Platform & Drawers (like Goose-Gear)

    First off...amazing work OP! Definitely enjoyed reading this thread. A bit late but when i was reading some of the early posts talking about finding/building drawers I immediately thought of this company, shelvesthatslide : I used them recently for some...
  10. Rough idle at startup on new 2.0 Turbo

    Yes. Mine has about 3500 miles on it now and sometimes first start in the morning its rough. Idle will bounce a bit, sounds like it has a cam in it and then it smooths out. Usually this is like a < 30 second thing. I also think mine is quieter then it was when i first got it but i could also be...
  11. Absolutely HORRIBLE experience getting a JLU at a NJ Dealership. Need some advice

    Which is probably why they wont deal and really...have no reason to. You are right..TONS of wranglers here in North Jersey. Im sure a very small percentage of those people shopped around and actually worked for the best deals. Dropping my son off at daycare I saw a kid parking a brand new JLUR...
  12. Absolutely HORRIBLE experience getting a JLU at a NJ Dealership. Need some advice

    From my experience trying to get a wrangler in NJ I can say this..give Leon Travis @ Criswell Jeep in Gaitherburg MD a call. Spent less time emailing him to order and eventually driving down than I did talking to dealers here in NJ. I ordered my 2020 JLU Sport S and got it for 8% below...
  13. JL 2.0L Turbo ECU Tune Development by Eurocompulsion

    Sub'd! Very interesting. I own one of these and never even thought about the inter-cooler setup...thanks for the pics! Now I have a million more thoughts/questions... So the IC is IN the intake manifold.. Like you mentioned a little oil was found in there..I wonder as these get up there in...
  14. Video of Jeep Factory preparing for Covid-19 Restart.

    The point being a plexiglass panel midway over a engine bay is not really doing much of anything EXCEPT hoping you dont get blasted directly by the person across from you sneezing /coughing in your face. @Melny67 .. I agree! if their concern was shielding giving everyone a mask and a face...
  15. Video of Jeep Factory preparing for Covid-19 Restart.

    So everyone is wearing masks in the building...ok A piece of plexiglass sitting on the center of the hood is going to be your saving grace? I mean if I was working on the line and the guy across from we was sneezing/coughing in my face all day long..corona virus or not he would have been...
  16. South Carolina Rubicon JLUR Take off suspension.

    Can you list the spring PNs? Did they come off of steel bumper/tow group?
  17. Tyger Tire Carrier Kit

    Cant comment on the tire carrier but I did just install a set of Tyger side steps this past weekend. Same coating and overall very nice steps! I am happy with how they look and the price...i think about $270 all in from Amazon.
  18. Would you prefer a key ignition?

    I do like the push button start but it took me a bit getting used to.. My F150 trade in was normal fob and key so on that truck i was used to removing the key from the ign and clicking the lock button...key was already in hand to unlock and start... My Wife has the prox keyless on her grand...
  19. Artificial engine sound

    Have not heard anything like that on my 2.0 turbo. I have a 2020 and I must say it is a kind of funky sound. I assumed it was the GDI being loud. Its not "bad" just sounds nothing like my wife's 3.6 grand cherokee or even my old f150. Its not so much the exhaust note, its more like a loud engine lol
  20. Post your 2020 JL build status

    Ordered 8/17 VIN / D1 9/3. Delivered 9/16 Finally picked her up on 9/27! Ocean blue unlimited sport s! Took forever and a day to get the VIn but everything flew after that. Cant say enough about Leon at Criswell / Criswell Jeep! Great guys great price!