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  1. Man hold up - 6 Wheel Rubicon

    The $286,699 Jeep I just ordered from them better be here in two weeks and have all 3 engines, as I selected.
  2. If I had a winch.....

    So winches aren't for clotheslining Priuses into convertibles? Apparently I'm doing it wrong.
  3. What is this button in my Wrangler?

    Time travel button? I thought that was a duck. For when you're swimming. Dammit, now I need to pull out my reading glasses.
  4. Off road plus????

    It will shift automatically but it changes your shift points to higher RPMs so the trans doesn't take the time to downshift if you suddenly punch the gas. Off Road + looks like it's all about providing instant power the moment you demand it so you don't get stuck.
  5. JL 4 low

    Because in most situations when you're in 4WD LO, 1st gear is too low and you'll immediately shift to 2nd anyway. It's for super slow rock crawling. Think of it as a super low crawler gear kept in reserve if it's needed, and it's usually not unless you're creeping up a wall.
  6. Topless MPG vs With Top On MPG

    A 4MPG loss would not surprise me. The Wrangler is not very aerodynamic to begin with and topless, much less so. Especially at highway speeds. You're already dragging a large bubble of air behind you with a top on thanks to the "garden shed on wheels" shape. That becomes dragging a huge column...
  7. Upgrades ideas -- too many options

    I 2nd the advice to not rush it. The JL is very capable out of the box and anything extra it needs will be very specific to you and your use case. Separate things into "would like" and "need". The "would likes" will come to you first, but with use you'll find "needs" so don't go all-in on the...
  8. Friend wants to buy a jeep to drive on the sand

    Rubicon is overkill for beach-only use. Not just unnecessary, the extra weight is a detriment. You'll be better off with a sport and add nice big balloony aired down tires. The beach is all about tires with a big footprint to float above the sand, not the Rubicon extras. Also know that the...
  9. When do you REFUEL?

    I stop whenever it's convenient anytime after I dip below 3/4 full, keeping the following in mind: It's better for the vehicle's longevity to keep a full gas tank. What isn't gas is air, which will contain moisture which reduces the longevity of the vehicle. Also the fuel pump is cooled by gas...
  10. Full time 4WD.

    Yes, and I 2nd that on the seamless & imperceptible. It's ideal for intermittently snow covered roads.
  11. Constantly asked why didn't I get a 4 door!!!! Anyone else?

    Exactly. Zero need for a 4 door or a back seat. Besides, nobody wants to argue on behalf of the Minivan Jeep side if you're not too hard on them. Hey, sometimes life happens and you need to make the concession of a big, easily high-centered Minivan Jeep. It's understandable. You're just not one...
  12. Constantly asked why didn't I get a 4 door!!!! Anyone else?

    Here's my canned response. Feel free to modify and use it. "It's just me and my wife. Why would I want the minivan Jeep? If you need it for towing you're bringing too much crap with you." I've owned a YJ and a JL. Both 2 door and neither with a back seat. If you want to ride in a Jeep, get...
  13. No Jeep waves here :(

    You might not get waves in Utah either depending on where you are. It's not that common in urban/suburban areas, mainly because you'd be waving every mile or two. It seems like Jeeps and Subarus are half the vehicles on the road. But out in the middle of nowhere desert the wave can easily become...
  14. Off road plus????

    I suppose it's pretty obvious I don't pay much attention to Saharas.
  15. 3.6 WITH Etorque vs. 2.0 Turbo (no Etorque)

    When I test drove the two (fully intending to get the 3.6) I noticed a clear difference at 5000' so I took a road that climbed up to 10000'. The 3.6 was clearly losing power climbing the hill the higher I went. It made it up but like a tired dog. Then I took the 2.0t and it climbed up there like...
  16. Off road plus????

    Nice to hear, and it makes sense. I'll have to find a deep sand road and try it out. BTW, you can get a throttle adjuster to make the throttle like that in 2WD. I've never used one but that's exactly what they do.
  17. Off road plus????

    I'd pick Overland +. There's several things on the JL I'd like to rename. Traction Control is one. Yeah, I'd like to control my traction off road, that sounds good. Not with that button tho, that's pavement traction.
  18. Off road plus????

    Doesn't surprise me as its for fast overlanding on sand or loose surfaces, not rock crawling. Nice to know exactly why tho. I'll keep that in mind.
  19. Off road plus????

    Yeah, it's new on '21s and presumably up. Another new option for '21s is 4WD Auto (in addition to HI & LO) which can be used on dry pavement. It drives in 2WD and automatically engages 4WD if the rear tires slip, which is fantastic for snowy roads.
  20. Off road plus????

    Obviously adjusting shift points would only apply to automatic but the rest of what it does can apply to a manual and they do have Off Road +.