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  1. Recommend me a torque wrench

    I like the Tekton tools as good as other higher prices tools.
  2. Friend wants to buy a jeep to drive on the sand

    The Rubicon is not a beach dominator because of its extra rock crawling abilities. Not that it really matters to anyone other than your friend, a Rubicon is cooler looking than a Sport. I didn't get a Rubicon for any specific type of offroading. I got it since its more capable overall off the...
  3. Train Horn Yay or Nay?

    Definitely a no on the train horn. Ok, so you are annoyed by the inconsiderate actions of others and there for you feel the need to pay it back? Let me give you some free advice. This is not a solution. If you act on this, I'll guarantee you will set someone off and eventually you'll regret...
  4. Steering style....

    Making tight turns I use a single finger turning method that I developed while driving old vehicles with real power steering. It's a little bit like how you dial a rotary phone. It's a bit more difficult on the Wrangler but I continue to use that method.
  5. Oil Change...debacle

    It's a shame the quality of work being provided at some service centers has become so lacking. I know the level of dedication that is required to do things correctly since I was an ASE certified mechanic for 18 years. Trying to perform maintenance quick and correctly usually ends up in a...
  6. Am I Crazy to want to keep Stock Wheels?

    I think the Rubicon wheels look good. I'm currently using the 1.75" Spidertrax wheel spacers with the stock Rubicon wheels on my 2019 JLUR. The tires are out beyond the edge of the flares a bit and looks much better than stock. I've had these wheel spacers on there for about a year and a half...
  7. What were they thinking?

    I had read something about this but wasn't sure if having it connected voided our warranty somehow. What I meant though is for the ability to do this from the factory. If it's ok to switch off after each start up, why not just allow a permanent ESS off setting? There will be no difference in...
  8. What were they thinking?

    Warning to those that lack tolerance for complaint posts and threads, save yourself the suffering and just scroll right on to the next post. Tag location should not be on the bumper. Paint quality is far too lacking in many ways. Yes that means paint does go underneath all hinges regardless...
  9. How Many identical Paint Issues Equals a Paint Recall?

    Ford has been using an aluminum body for the F150 since 2015.
  10. How Many identical Paint Issues Equals a Paint Recall?

    I've owned three wranglers total in 11 years and only this one is experiencing the bubbling paint issue. Can't blame the door paint issue on a use related theory. The door I had an issue with almost never gets used so it's not related to amount of use. So, I'm not buying those apples. This...
  11. How Many identical Paint Issues Equals a Paint Recall?

    This may or may not fall within the lemon law. I'll clarify on my original statement. Hundreds or even thousands of different wrangler with identical paint issues instead of just one wrangler with many identical paint issues. I'm not sure what terminology fits this. Recall, TSB, etc...? It's...
  12. Anyone Using a Cab Cover?

    It's made of pretty durable material but I feel like highway speed winds would cause some undesirable effects. It doesn't strap down enough at the leading edge of the doors and at the bottom of the windshield. Looks like the wind could get under there and cause lots of pressure while being...
  13. Anyone Using a Cab Cover?

    I got the one called a Trail cover. My Jeep doesn't have a soft top on it. Although this cover looks like it could accommodate a soft top.
  14. How Many identical Paint Issues Equals a Paint Recall?

    At this point I've had one door repaired that had paint bubbling around the door hinges. Since then I keep a close watch on the key areas known to have bubbling. This week I found bubbling paint on the leading edge of the hood. I can also see early signs on the inside edge at the door seams of...
  15. Anyone else have this under their dash?

    Looked for about 30 minutes and didn't see anything added to my Rubicon. I'm a three time wrangler purchaser at my my dealership though.
  16. Corrosion Poll

    I know It's hard to believe. They even painted so thick that the hinge is now painted stuck on the door.
  17. Corrosion Poll

    They painted with the hinges in place on the door. If they had removed the hinges to prep the door, you would think they would have painted the door and then reattached the hinges. Its a 100% guarantee that this issue will return. Oh, if you ask them how they performed this you get that 100%...
  18. Corrosion Poll

    I already found the bubbling paint on my doors around the hinges last year about this time and had them repaired. I keep looking for new bubbles every time I wash my my Jeep. Found another spot on the leading edge of my hood last week. Will definitely by contacting the dealership soon.
  19. Jeep Wave Double Standard

    Well I did draw the line at it must have the "Jeep" lineage. So, no not waving at a compass lol.
  20. Jeep Wave Double Standard

    I wave at all the Jeeps and even Gladiators. Old, New, stock or modified doesn't matter to me. But I may miss a few since I get distracted by classic cars and especially old trucks. :)